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Keep your customer doors open 24/7/365 with pump station maintenance

Often found beneath large shopping centres, business parks or supermarkets, sewage pumps, also known as below-ground pumps, are used to keep water and waste flowing and ensure premises remain operational.

You may not be aware of the sewage pumps in place at the properties you manage, but if there are facilities below ground, the chances are there is a pump on site – and it will need regular maintenance to ensure there’s no disruption to everyday business.

How Can You Tell if a Pump Has a Problem?

Pump station inspection and cleaning

It’s common for pumps to break down with no warning, causing any number of problems, but there are warnings in place to help prevent these issues. Every pump should be fitted with various floats which will turn the pump on and off based on the level of waste in the pump chamber; if this level gets too high and the pumps can’t cope with the level of waste, then there should be an alarm which will go off alerting you to this issue.

This can happen when there is an influx in waste, such as after heavy rainfall, but it can also happen when pumps are broken and aren’t capable of pumping waste through to the sewers. If the alarm goes off when there hasn’t been an influx in waste, then it’s critical that you get a pump engineer out to service the pump as soon as possible, otherwise, the pump could flood causing long-lasting damage and putting you and your customers at risk.

How to Prevent Issues With Pumps

The best way to prevent issues with pumps is to ensure that they are maintained regularly. Regular maintenance is also known as a Pump Maintenance Plan, and they are essential to ensure pump stations run smoothly, without disruption.

Without this regular maintenance, sewage pumps can unexpectedly break down, causing all sorts of problems for you and your customers.

There are different levels of servicing available with pumps, ranging from a quick look-see service to a full pump removal, clean, replacement and control panel check. It’s recommended to get a full service at least once a year to ensure pumps are working properly, prevent any build-up of wipes, rags and debris, and make sure all the floats and alarms are functioning. This helps to prolong the life of your pump and makes sure that you’re prepared in case of an emergency.

Metro Rod are here to help you with your pump maintenance, with the help of expert pump engineers, we can create a Pump Maintenance Plan which is tailored to your site. Meaning that your pumps get the regular maintenance they need, and giving you peace of mind that your pumps are in good working order, preventing costly emergencies.

Pump Support on Your Doorstep

To support facility management providers, our network of over 100 expert pump engineers are available day and night. Our full UK coverage means we can access 85 per cent of the country’s commercial properties within one hour. We also give you and your customers the ability to react quickly and the flexibility to work during quiet or out-of-hours periods. And with our customer portal Connect, you can get real-time job updates, view job feedback and even download quotes and invoices.

As well as pump maintenance, our expertise also extends to pump station design and installation. We truly understand the complexity of pump stations, and have the experience and knowledge you can rely on. It’s our goal to enhance your brand as well as give you peace of mind that every aspect of the job is under control.

With the assistance of our sister company, Willow Pumps, we can design install and maintain the perfect pump for your needs. We work closely with water authorities across the country to refurbish adoptable pump stations and ensure all of our adoptable pump stations are designed to ‘Sewers for Adoption’ (SFA) and ‘Sewer Sector Guidance’ (SSG) standards. Leaving you with the peace of mind that all aspects of a new pump station are taken care of.

So, whether you need a consistent maintenance plan that prevents disruption for you and your customers or a new pump station designed and installed, Metro Rod can provide you with a one-stop shop for all your pump, plumbing and drainage needs. Our national team of more than 500 engineers is highly trained and available 24/7, 365 days a year, so you can have peace of mind that we’re never far away.

Visit http://www.metrorod.co.uk to find out more about how Metro Rod can boost your FM offering.

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