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Langley specifies and installs new roofing system for RAF Waddington

Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd has supplied its TA-25 warm roof system to replace the existing roof at RAF Waddington. This complex project required careful planning and collaboration with Amey Property Services, Langley’s Approved Contractor Morello Services, and the end client to ensure that the live site could continue to operate during the roof refurbishment.

Having reached the end of its life expectancy, the existing roof at RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire, had begun to experience issues, including water ingress. Therefore, Langley was requested to complete a detailed condition survey of the existing flat roof. Due to its age – and the issues caused as a result – Langley advised that the existing roof system be replaced by Langley’s TA-25 system to cover the extensive 3,200m² roof area.

John Ramsbottom, Assistant Architect at Amey Property Services said: “It was important for RAF Waddington that the new roofing system was long-lasting and issue free going forward. Langley’s TA-25 high performance SBS elastomeric membrane warm roof system was therefore specified – its 25 year independently insured guarantee and life expectancy in excess of 40 years will ensure that the system provides a durable, long-lasting solution.”

Throughout the installation of the new flat roof the base was live. Not only was the building itself occupied, but the team had to work near to the very busy taxiway. As a result, it was vital that Langley worked collaboratively with Langley Approved Contractor Morello Services Ltd and Amey Property Services which oversaw the work, to complete the project quickly and safely, with minimal disruption to those occupying the building below.

Phil Kaye, Director at Morello Services Ltd said: “Throughout the installation process, it was vital for us to ensure that health and safety be at the forefront of our approach. The team embraced the Safe2Torch initiative to ensure that all hot works be carefully controlled – and the risk to those on and around the work area be minimised. We also coordinated with RAF Waddington determining a sequence of works that ensured the roof refurbishment caused minimal disruption to those occupying the site and the nearby runway.”

Part of this included minimising the exposed areas of the roof – a particular challenge when replacing the existing roof lights. However, the team’s careful planning and scheduling ensured that all elements of the roof were efficiently installed and with safety in mind.

Matt Hemeter, Area Manager at Langley said: “During the installation process, we also had to accommodate the heating and air conditioning units and tank house situated on the roof. In order to prevent disruption to those occupying the building, we decided to install the roof around these elements – rather than decommission and replace them.”

John at Amey Property Services continued: “Throughout the project, the Langley technical team was on hand to provide support and assist in overcoming any on-site challenges quickly and professionally. Working with the Langley team, we have been able to provide RAF Waddington with a long-lasting solution.”

TA-25 is an extremely robust, yet flexible roof system – once installed the client receives a 25 year insurance-backed guarantee that covers design, materials and workmanship. The heavy duty polyester composite metal lined vapour barrier creates a robust, watertight layer and incorporates a slip inhibiting granule surface which is robust and puncture resistant to withstand foot traffic of maintenance trades.

RAF Waddington has been a continuously active Royal Flying Corps training base since 1916. Today it is one of the RAF’s busiest operational airfields.

To find out more about the TA-25 system and other flat roofing systems available, download the Langley Flat Roofing Brochure, here https://www.langley.co.uk/technical-downloads or for enquiries, please email enquiries@langley.co.uk.


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