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Leadec adds Green Factory Solutions to its range of services

Sustainable manufacturing concepts help to increase the resource efficiency of factories. With its Green Factory Solutions, Leadec offers new, green services along the entire life cycle of the factory. With these solutions, which reduce waste or energy consumption, for example, the service specialist helps its customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Greater sustainability in the factory is one of the core objectives of manufacturing companies. This is achieved, for example, by using renewable energy, avoiding waste and emissions and using energy efficiently. “This is exactly where our Green Services for the entire life cycle of the factory come in,” says Markus Glaser-Gallion, CEO of Leadec. “We support our customers in decarbonising their factories with services around energy and with our recycling management solutions.”

Green Factory Solutions from A to Z

Leadec currently offers a total of nine Green Services that start at different points in the life cycle of the factory. In a first step, Leadec shows which energy-saving measures are possible in the factories (Green Consulting), how emissions can be recorded, and energy consumption can be optimised (Green Emissions Reporting). The next step is to return the existing heat to the energy cycle through heat pumps, heat recovery or induction systems (Green Installation).

Once this has been accomplished, the second step is to achieve carbon neutrality. In some cases, companies purchase green electricity, in others they generate green electricity themselves, e.g., with solar panels or wind turbines. The electricity is then either used directly in the production facilities or charging stations are set up for intralogistics, which is being converted to electric mobility. These measures also belong in the area of Green Installation.

Some customers are even completely modernising their factory infrastructure. For example, battery storage systems are being installed across the board and the alternating current network is being converted to a direct current network. Intelligent HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration) control systems and energy-saving LED lighting are being installed or retrofitted. Some manufacturing companies are going a step further, investing in power-to-X technologies to generate the necessary resources themselves from green electricity, e.g., hydrogen through electrolysis processes. These activities are offered as part of Leadec’s Green Installation, Green Metering and Green Lighting services. Green Engineering (e.g., GEFMA 160-certified facility management) rounds off the range of decarbonisation services.

Another approach are factory waste solutions. For Green Waste Services (including intelligent waste processing and recycling according to zero waste principles), Leadec records, collects and identifies the waste generated in the factory. Green Chemistry (including the use of biodegradable agents) helps prevent environmental damage. With Green Automation, the service specialist implements automation solutions for recycling, among other things.

Measurably less waste in practice

Leadec has implemented Green Waste Services at an OEM’s plant, for example. These services are based on digital waste management, for which a total of 190 dumpsters have been interconnected, the volume of waste evaluated and the types of waste defined. The customer receives information on when, where and what type of waste is generated in the plant. The data collected not only helps to prevent waste, but services can also be designed and expanded accordingly. This holistic, end-to-end approach from a single source is currently unique and enables potential savings of 100,000 euros a year at the site.

Dual perspective on sustainability

Sustainability plays a major role in Leadec’s portfolio and in its corporate processes. “We are working to continuously reduce our own ecological footprint. Be it through annual energy savings of 20% or a high waste recycling rate of 92%,” says Markus Glaser-Gallion. “We understand the challenges our customers have on the way to sustainable manufacturing, and we incorporate our experience into our Green Factory Solutions.” Leadec’s sustainability achievements have included a silver rating from the EcoVadis agency.

About Leadec

Leadec is the leading global service specialist for factories across their entire life cycle and related infrastructure. The company, which is headquartered in Stuttgart, employs about 20,000 people worldwide. In 2021 Leadec earned sales of around EUR 940 million. For 60 years, Leadec has been supporting its customers along the entire production supply chain. The service provider is based at more than 300 sites, often directly at the customers’ plants and facilities.

Leadec’s global services comprise: Engineer (Production Planning & Optimisation, Automation and Production IT), Install (Electrical Installation, Mechanical Installation and Relocation), Maintain (Production Equipment Maintenance and Technical Cleaning), Support (Technical Facility Management, Infrastructural Facility Management and Logistics) as well as other local services. The Leadec.os digital business platform is used to record all processes end-to-end and integrate further digital services.

For more information about Leadec go to: www.leadec-services.com


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