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Looking to create a safe, comfortable and sustainable workplace for your employees?

In the current climate, never has it been more important to create safe and hygienic workplaces that will make employees feel comfortable and confident about coming into work and using the facilities. Research has shown that more than 1 in 4 people are now worried about returning to work , something that needs to be acknowledged by all companies, whether large or small.

Whether employees are being brought back into the workplace as part of a phased return, or are being split into working group bubbles, ensuring the workforce knows their wellbeing is in safe hands is essential for maintaining motivation and settling nerves and concerns.

BRITA VIVREAU freestanding Top System

Adapting to an evolving workplace
It’s clear that the working environment as we know it has changed. Adapting work routines and practices are exactly what prompted BRITA VIVREAU’s innovation team to develop two new water dispensing systems which incorporate the company’s latest energy-saving and hygiene technology, so that workplaces can provide high-quality, sustainable and safe filtered water for employees.

BRITA VIVREAU’s Top & Extra self-service water dispensing systems feature innovative HygienePlus and ThermalGate™ technology which protect against retrograde contamination and self-disinfect thermally to clear 99.99% of bacteria, resulting in cleaner, clearer, great tasting water. Not only this, but the ThermalGate™ technology is always on duty, even during inactive phases such as overnight or weekends, so no manual effort or chemical additives are required.

Flexible solutions that work for all
As well as offering flexibility for different sized workplaces, the BRITA VIVREAU Top & Extra systems also give a choice of water capacity depending on consumption needs, along with a choice of four varieties of great tasting water types.

An all-in-one unit, the BRITA VIVREAU Top, offers clean and fresh water no matter what the individual facility situation. Available as a stylish countertop or floor standing model, the product will complement the aesthetic of any premises and comes with a customisable base allowing businesses to build brand awareness.

For companies looking for a more minimalist solution, the BRITA VIVREAU Extra water dispenser is one of the brand’s most elegant products, with technology that is built under the countertop, so that all you see is the premium design tap that fits perfectly into its surrounding.


Creating a resilient green future
For workplaces with sustainability targets, the two water dispenser systems give a more environmentally friendly provision. Not only do they help reduce carbon footprints by encouraging the use of reusable bottles, but they also do not require any storage space, lowering energy consumption by eliminating the need to refrigerate water. In fact, the systems have a low power consumption due to the in-built cooling technology and have a natural refrigerant which also helps to reduce emissions.

Suitable for all
Both systems also come with an optional extra Easy Access Panel. This provides an additional control unit that can be positioned at a lower point, either flat to a surface or at an angle. This is ideal for wheelchair users as it enables safe access to drinking water without having to reach over the appliance or boiling water dispenser point.

Rebecca Fairfield, Head of Key Accounts at BRITA VIVREAU, said: “It’s a difficult and ever-changing environment for both employees and workplaces. BRITA VIVREAU’s new offer has this front of mind and these latest solutions will benefit workforces with great-tasting filtered water in addition to adaptable design-led innovation which keeps staff happy, hydrated and most importantly safe now and in the future.”

BRITA VIVREAU floorstanding Dispenser

For more information on the Top & Extra water dispenser systems, please visit: https://www.brita.co.uk/top-50-85 or https://www.brita.co.uk/extra-50-85

For companies that have recently reopened, or are expecting to in the near future, and are interested in offering a modern, safe and sustainable water dispenser solution for your workforce, please head to www.brita.co.uk/water-dispensers/products or get in touch with the Dispenser Customer Service Team via 034567 496 555 or service@brita.co.uk


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