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Modern day FM challenges and solutions 

One of the biggest challenges in building maintenance compliance is, frankly, keeping up. All those hours spent creating the perfect maintenance plan count for nothing when legislation and regulations change yet again.

This is why the SFG20, the industry standard for building maintenance specification, was first created by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) in 1990. The SFG20 team of technical authors are dedicated to smoothing the delivery of content from complex legal jargon to practical application. 34+ years later and we’ve learned a thing or two about the practical application of the legislative landscape relating to the built environment.

In this article, you will learn the latest and best way to use and get maximum value from the SFG20 standard.

What is SFG20?

SFG20 is the industry standard for building maintenance specification. Its extensive library of schedules covers more than 70 different asset types, plus the fabric of the building itself.

Created in 1990, in response to the need for a standard that would drive legal compliance, SFG20 is used by organisations in a wide range of sectors, spanning healthcare, education, government, retail, residential – and many more-to ensure safe, legal, and competent building maintenance.

The SFG20 standard is dynamic

To keep pace with an ever-changing legislative landscape, in the last year alone there were more than 700 updates made to SFG20 maintenance schedules to align with changes in legislation, regulation, and best practice. The pace with which responsibilities and statutory requirements changes catches many FMs out and is one of the most common areas where companies can fall behind in their compliance.

The challenge

Often, SFG20 content is exported manually into other FM systems, and tasks are tailored to site specific requirements. The issue comes when the SFG20 standard is updated, which occurs on a monthly basis, and updates do not automatically flow into the downstream FM systems.

The solution

Keeping on top of your responsibilities as an FM is tough, which is why SFG20 have created a new software solution Facilities-iQ, which removes the issues associated with static manual data exports.

Facilities-iQ provides users with notifications every time an update to the SFG20 standard occurs, which you can control when to accept and implement. This gives you the power to accept and deal with an update at a time that’s convenient for you.

Facilities-iQ connects seamlessly with other FM systems

To accompany the launch of Facilities-iQ, the SFG20 Digital Partner Programme empowers other FM systems, such as CAFM/CMMS and IWMS, to seamlessly integrate our content through a slick interface (API). No more manual data entry or working to out of date guidance!

Interested in becoming or using a Digital Partner? Contact us to find out how. We’re currently working on the new integration with a range of partners which will allow them to provide their customers with a better service.

What is Facilities-iQ?

Facilities-iQ is a new smart software solution that provides users with a way to control their risk and achieve compliance.

Users now have a range of new features, including:

  • Smart search - say goodbye to the chaos of sifting through schedules, our smart search can identify relevant SFG20 schedules via keywords, Uniclass and NRM codes, and legislation and codes of practice.
  • Tailored content – combine the SFG20 library with your unique needs; easily tailor schedules to suit your site and assets.
  • Content notifications - choose when to implement updates to your maintenance plan
  • Auditability – Changes to schedules are tracked, keeping a record of all updates per licensed account.
  • Secure sharing - collaboration made simple to make tendering, quotations and completion of works a breeze!
  • Simple integration – The Facilities-iQ API will quickly and easily integrate with other FM systems, such as CAFM and CMMS.

After an 18-month development cycle we are very excited to show the FM world just how powerful Facilities-iQ can be and how it will transform the way you work forever.

Learn more at www.SFG20.co.uk

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