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Navigating FM efforts to sustainability

As environmental protection demands unified action, transparency, and heightened awareness, Biological Preparations, a leading UK biotech company, has launched an initiative to catalyse sustainability efforts within the FM sector.

In collaboration with FMJ, Biological Preparations has launched its largest survey to date, aimed at providing FM businesses with a comprehensive understanding of industry benchmarks, trends, challenges, and opportunities surrounding environmental initiatives.

With the increase of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) trends, everchanging environmental legislations, and evolving consumer demands, navigating the complex landscape of sustainability can quickly become an overwhelming project for businesses across industries. FM businesses face unique challenges and heightened expectations of eco-initiatives from their clients. Yet, behind the scenes in FM businesses, many environmental initiatives, rollouts and even planning, are not broadcasted and transparent.

James Patterson, CEO of Biological Preparations said: “At Biological Preparations, we recognise the importance of transparency and collaboration in driving environmental progress. Our survey is an opportunity for FM professionals to contribute to the collective effort towards sustainability within the industry. The goal is to empower FM professionals to share their perspectives and insights, driving meaningful change within the industry. By analysing the collective knowledge and experiences of FM professionals, we can identify trends, set benchmarks, and plan the next steps as a collective industry.”

This five-minute, anonymous FM-focused survey, offers FM professionals of all hierarchies with a platform to voice their perspectives and share their experiences. The results from this survey will then be analysed and presented as an industry-specific report from Biological Preparations. The report aims to guide FM businesses helping them benchmark trends, gain clarity on industry challenges, and map out goals and metrics towards sustainability.

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