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Macro shot of a StoColor Dryonic surface – the new biomimetic solution from Sto uses the principle of the fog-basking beetle to produce dry façades

New additions extend the range of Sto’s intelligent façade paints

The introduction of two new products has extended the range of applications that can now benefit from the StoColor Dryonic family of iQ – Intelligent Technology – façade paints. StoColor Dryonic S and StoColor Dryonic Wood have joined the original StoColor Dryonic G façade paint to provide a wide range of solutions that protect all types of façade finish from the effects of weathering and environmental attack.

The StoColor Dryonic façade paint is the result of over 20 years of intensive research by Sto into the field of biomimetics, where the new products and solutions are inspired by principles from the natural world. The products all feature Sto’s Dryonic technology. This creates a façade surface which replicates that found on the body of a particular type of desert-living beetle. In the same way that this surface channels away moisture falling onto the beetle to provide drinking water, a StoColorDryonic surface promotes fast and efficient drainage of water, allowing the surface to dry rapidly and greatly inhibiting the appearance of algae, fungus and unsightly marks.

StoColor Dryonic S allows even intense colours with sensitive pigments to retain their colour over time. It combines the normal Dryonic fast-drying capabilities with SunBlock technology that protects the façade against the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. It also enables dark or highly pigmented colours to be used on insulated facades, as it is available with Sto’s X-black technology to keep surface temperatures low, and protect against thermal expansion and movement.

Completing the expanded Dryonic family is StoColor Dryonic Wood which has been specially developed to protect timber surfaces against fungal attack and discolouration, even in humid environmental conditions. It also features Sto’s SunBlock Technology which protects against aggressive UV radiation, and X-black Technology which protects the timber when surface temperatures start to rise.

All StoColor Dryonic façade paints are available from a whole spectrum of colours, offering great design possibilities, whilst providing optimum resistance to weathering or algae and fungi attack.

For more information visit www.sto.co.uk or email info.uk@sto.com


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