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New and enhanced FM software solutions

Over the last 12 months, organisations have come up against many challenges surrounding COVID-19 particularly around creating and maintaining safe working environments. Hygiene and safety have been priority but alongside that, they have had to re-evaluate internal processes to better allocate resources whilst tightening budgets.

One of the ways organisations have adopted to do this is by investing in a software solution that collates the data they need in order to make better-informed operational decisions. Asckey have partnered with NHS Trusts around the UK to provide applications that do just this. These applications include our comprehensive CAFM software, fmfirst® Estates, our cleaning audit software, fmfirst® Cleaning and our survey software, fmfirst® Survey.

fmfirst® Estates comes with a tasking module but the application itself is too comprehensive for what some of our clients need. As a result of conversations with some of our NHS clients, Asckey has extended their fmfirst® product portfolio and developed a simplified task management system, fmfirst® Tasking.

fmfirst® Tasking has been designed to offer potential users an alternative, cost-effective, stand-alone task management solution to help streamline internal tasking processes. Although built originally to support NHS clients, the software can be used by smaller FM service providers as an easy-to-use digital task management tool for managing external workloads.

What does fmfirst® Tasking offer?

This cloud-based task management software provides businesses with a multi discipline, simplified, platform for creation of defect and planned work. It also offers the following:

· The ability to manage tasks digitally

· Users can track and update jobs when out in the field

· Simple creation of jobs based on task definable fields

· Manage defect, reactive and pro-active maintenance

· Easy to use platform with drag and drop capability

· Provides full audit trails

The simplified task management system helps users to better collate and analyse data. By doing so, resources can be allocated better, life-cycle of assets can be extended and overall costs can be reduced.

fmfirst® Tasking can be fully integrated with the other applications from our fmfirst® product suite, allowing you to build your own facilities management toolkit.

Enhanced Estates Management

As well as developing a new task management system, Asckey has enhanced their CAFM software, fmfirst® Estates, with two new modules; Risk Assessment and Permits to Work.

The new Risk Assessment module has been developed in conjunction with Canty Compliance. It provides their licensed users with the ability to import appropriate Canty risk assessment templates directly into the system. This simplifies the process of including vital and consistent risk management processes as part of key maintenance activity, thereby minimising compliance failures.

The Permit to Work module allows for the creation, issuing and storage of permits to work, such as hot work, electrical, confined spaces, working at height etc. It also provides authorised users with remote access to the permit system when needed. Single ‘one-off’ permits can be created based on the type of work for opening and closing jobs. The module also provides the ability to create custom permits which can be printed, if needed.

Safety and compliance are covered as users can identify all statutory and mandatory safety requirements when creating permits. Permits are numbered to support auditing processes and the module allows for comments on work performance.

The facilities management landscape is always changing and digitising processes can help drive operational efficiencies. It can also help employees to manage workloads better and provide a better employee experience which creates a better customer experience.

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