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New sensor technology to enable scalable smart building solutions

Pressac is to launch new sensor technology which will give customers more choice and flexibility when building large-scale IoT solutions.

The new technology, which has been developed at the company’s high-tech UK design and manufacturing facility, is designed to be smart, scalable and secure.

It enables the monitoring of a range of different parameters in just one device and is not confined to any one wireless protocol or platform, making smart sensing more efficient and interoperable, meaning organisations can get the exact data they need, how they need it.

The technology has been designed to enhance Pressac’s existing portfolio of products and introduces new sensing capabilities – Volatile Organic Compounds, particulate (PM 2.5) levels, light, and sound.

Initially, it will be used in two new products being developed by the company – an indoor air quality sensor and a room conditions sensor – but more products will be added through 2022.

The technology will also be available to select companies looking to partner with Pressac to create bespoke configurations for high-volume sensing solutions.

Pete Burbidge, Pressac’s Managing Director, said: “In a world where creating the right office environment is more important than ever, more and more companies will be turning to smart sensor technology to do this.

“We’ve listened to our customers and what we’ve developed here is a high-quality platform, giving them the flexibility and scalability they need.

“Our aim is to help companies looking to deliver large-scale IoT deployments to get the building, workplace/facilities and equipment data they need as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

If you would like to know more about Pressac’s technology visit www.pressac.com, or contact Pressac on 0115 936 5200 or sales@pressac.com.


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