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New video highlights benefits of a partnership approach to fire safety

A video produced by a Siemens Building Products partner is illustrating the importance of manufacturers and installers working closely together to realise the optimum solutions for protecting buildings from the threat of fire.

Diamond Systems is a Belfast based company that has specialised in life safety and security systems for almost 40 years. It is a second-generation family business and has been partnering with Siemens since April 2013. Joint MDs Angela Bennett and Stephen Snoddon wanted to celebrate that partnership and decided to create a video which provides an overview of the Siemens systems they offer and how the two companies work together to achieve maximum fire safety for building owners and operators.

The video focuses on the two main systems manufactured by Siemens: Cerberus Fit for small to medium sized premises and Cerberus Pro for the larger applications. Stephen talks of the range of benefits to installers, including features such as the line tester tool through which cables can be tested before the commissioning process can start, pinpointing any open or short circuits, and any earth faults, making for a more efficient installation.

Angela recognises the issue of false alarms, citing that 99% of automatic fire alarms in Northern Ireland turn out to be false. The guarantee against false alarms that Siemens gives for its Cerberus™ PRO Advanced Detectors with ASA is an important contributor to addressing this and, as Angela says: “We believe this technology could significantly reduce the unnecessary burden on both the fire and rescue services and on the premises owners themselves caused by false alarms.”

Rob Yates, Siemens Head of Building Products Fire Safety in the UK and Ireland, said: “We have the confidence in our technologies to be able to provide a guarantee but that is only half the story. Equally important is the expertise of the installer – site surveys, installation, commissioning and maintenance are all vital in ensuring that the detector operates correctly, with the settings appropriate for the environment it is protecting. Hence the guarantee is administered by our approved partners, who we work closely with to ensure they have the appropriate training and product knowledge. Companies such as Diamond Systems are an excellent example, with their third party certification to the NSI Gold standard since 1993.”

The video can be viewed on Diamond Systems’ Youtube channel

For further information on Siemens Fire Products visit www.siemens.co.uk/cerberus

For further information on Siemens Smart Infrastructure, please see www.siemens.com/smart-infrastructure


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