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NG Bailey IT services ‘transforming connectivity’ with ambitious growth plans

The company’s IT Services, which delivers integrated IT infrastructure and managed services in sectors including healthcare, defence and infrastructure, saw turnover in the year ended February 2022 increase by eight per cent, while operating profit almost doubled over the 12 months.

The business is now targeting a turnover growth of over 42 per cent by 2025 as it reveals an ambitious three-year growth plan.

Speaking about the results and plans for the future Kelly Tedesco, Managing Director of IT Services, said: “Like many others, the pandemic had an inevitable impact on the business but positively the lasting result has been the increased digitalisation of how organisations and their customers live and work across all sectors. This market shift has and continues to create new opportunities for our division as we emerge as an undoubtedly a stronger, more resilient business unit.

“What we offer is about more than simply providing services to buildings and dealing with wires. It is about transforming connectivity, in order to build better businesses and empowering people to deliver truly transformational results for not just themselves but also society locally and globally. It is a mission we are incredibly proud to follow and deliver.”

Looking ahead Tedesco believes that the potential for IT Services is only going to grow, as it builds on previous successes in sectors which also include entertainment and venues and commercial and data centres, working with clients including the NHS, Coca Cola, Fujitsu, Tesco and HSBC.

Tedesco added: “If the 2020s have taught us anything so far, it’s the importance of resilience and digital connectivity through the integration of market leading data management and analysis. So, I’m excited to see the opportunities ahead of us in areas such as 5G, which over the coming years will truly change the way in which people and businesses think about interacting with technology, in the same way that phone lines shifted the dial of mass communication. This advancement will undoubtedly also see further demand for our cyber security work, as businesses look to protect their data and assets from ever evolving threats while embracing the power of automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT).”

NG Bailey’s IT Services division delivered projects over the last 12 months for clients including the Oil and Pipeline Association and Leeds Community Healthcare Trust and is currently working on multi-million pound contracts relating to the UK’s move from analogue telephone networks which is scheduled to be completed in 2025 when the old copper network will be switched off.

Tedesco said: “Our order book for 2022/23 looks buoyant which is a testament to the investments we’ve made in training, technical innovation and service delivery. Looking ahead we have an ambitious three-year vision which includes growing our turnover to £40 million and supporting our clients to build better businesses by transforming their connectivity.

“We believe the imminent switch of the telephone network from an analogue to a digital system presents a real opportunity for growth, thanks to the unmatched end-to-end capabilities we have by being part of the UK’s leading independent engineering and services business.

“Our expert technical teams are actively working with partners and clients to find innovative and cost-effective solutions that will help to mitigate the potential disruption that this project – the largest social project of its kind for over a decade – could cause, in order to support businesses who are already feeling the effects of inflationary pressures and the ongoing energy crisis.

“I firmly believe our growth will be achieved through our continued delivery of integrated IT infrastructure and managed services which transform what’s possible in connectivity, data management and analysis.”

Creating a positive visitor experience in a Hybrid world of work

While some personnel are finally returning to the office – the great majority of organisations (up to 83 per cent) anticipate a hybrid mix of on-premises and working from home to continue for the foreseeable future.

This means that when it comes to providing access to the workplace, where once it was simply enough to maintain a welcoming reception for visitors, organisations today must also keep a close eye on access permissions in real-time to keep buildings safe and secure while ensuring they comply with compliance.

Pitney Bowes Smart Access Management in association with FMJ has produced a new White Paper which explains how to create a welcoming, actively managed environment for authorised people.

It explains how new Smart Access Management™ (SAM) delivers a complete, real-time and data-driven view of all your people, visitors and contractors, to help give you greater control and visibility.

To download the white paper click here.


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