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Nurture Group drives closer to net zero emissions

Nurture Group has marked a sustainability milestone by expanding its commercial electric vehicle (EV) fleet with the addition of 10 new Ford E-Transit vans for its Grounds Maintenance division.

This move marks a crucial step forward in Nurture’s commitment to achieving its sustainability goals and reducing its carbon footprint, as it works towards net zero emissions.

Gordon Brownrigg, Sustainability Manager at Nurture Group, said: “I am really excited about this next round of EV vans as it represents our biggest single order of commercial EVs since we started electrifying the fleet.

“Using electric vans where we can is a critical step in our net zero journey and these additions will have a positive, tangible impact on reducing our carbon footprint. These vehicles will reduce our emissions by between 3 and 4 ½ tonnes per year each.

“We are acutely aware of the pivotal role that fuel consumption plays in our carbon footprint, constituting 51 per cent of the current total. In a bid to address this, hawse have chosen electric vans over their diesel counterparts where feasible, with an electric van emitting up to 65 per cent fewer emissions per mile.”

The E-Transit takes centre stage in Nurture Group’s electrification strategy, with the vehicle’s size and operational suitability aligning with its diverse needs for carrying large machinery and tools as well as trailers. Nurture Group will showcase one of the vans across the UK, aiming to inspire teams and operational units to consider EV options wherever possible.

The company has also opted to take the Pro Power Onboard optional extra meaning the vans can double up as a plug-in power source, allowing the Grounds Maintenance teams to power their equipment without the need for a mains power source or a separate fuel-driven generator. The Pro Power Onboard delivers 2.3 kilowatts of exportable energy.

Mohib Iqbal, Group Fleet Manager at Nurture Group, said: “We anticipate a substantial increase in the number of electric vehicles within our commercial fleet over the course of the next few years, further demonstrating our commitment to operating a greener fleet. The Ford E-Transit is monumental step forward for the vehicle EV market and is ideally suited to the needs of the Nurture Group as the vehicle meets the requirements of our day-to-day operations.”

Nurture Group has already made progress in cutting emissions across its commercial fleet. The company’s vans are Euro 6 compliant meaning they are more efficient and emit no more than 80mg/km of NOx gasses, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and helping to improve air quality.

Additionally, Nurture has already successfully adopted an EV greener company car policy, operating at an impressive 93 per cent electric and hybrid composition. The ultimate goal being to electrify as much of the fleet as possible. The company is also exploring the viability of other alternative fuels such as HVO with the long-term goal of decarbonising service delivery to hit net zero targets.

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