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ONELAN transforms room booking with Reserva Edge solution

ONELAN, a global leader in digital visual communications, is taking meeting room signage to the next level with its cutting-edge room booking solution, Reserva Edge.

An industry first, Reserva Edge not only works to optimise workspace, but also to provide a dynamic communications platform on which businesses, educational institutions and hospitality venues can advertise, build brand awareness and share their internal communications. With a clear 10” screen size, it offers a best-in class ergonomic design, making it a seamless and easy fit for every application, from conference centres and corporate offices to university campuses and huddle spaces, where space is at a premium.

Best-in Class Industrial Design
Providing a sleek, edge-to-edge glass design and anti-fingerprint finish, Reserva Edge is effortlessly elegant, with fully concealed cables and connectors to ensure a minimalist and contemporary look. For optimum visibility, it offers a unique portrait-orientated, tilted touchscreen interface, enabling meeting room notifications to be seen from either a seated or standing position. Thanks to its large LED status bar, meeting room availability can also be checked from outside a glass-wall room, reducing the risk of any meeting interruptions from those seeking last-minute workspace.

ONELAN Net-Top-Box Digital Signage
Built on the scalable ONELAN Net-Top Box platform, Reserva Edge maximises return on investment with an interface that is easy to manage, either remotely from a web browser, or centrally from the ONELAN Content Management System (CMS).

As well as offering extensive playlist and scheduling controls, this platform provides a multizone layout, enabling multiple communications to be displayed simultaneously, including video, image, html, moving or static text, RSS, date and clock formats.

Delivering a highly secure and locked-off interface, ONELAN’s proprietary Linux-based operating system brings additional security benefits to organisations and enables the full software stack to be updated remotely over the network.

Intel Atom Platform
To ensure optimal performance and responsiveness, Reserva Edge also leverages the power of the Intel Atom platform.

Cutting-edge Meeting Room Sign
At the cutting-edge of meeting room signage, Reserva Edge delivers intuitive support, enabling users to book meetings in two taps of the touchscreen interface. Designed with a calendar view, they can book meetings as well as check in and confirm them, alter their duration and end them, either by typing their username and password, or, by scanning their ID with the optional fully integrated ID card reader.

Designed for Local and Global Visitors
Offering the possibility of up to thirteen languages, and more than one in any single display cycle, this solution is ideal for international organisations. To assist clients and guests, who may be unfamiliar with the building, Reserva Edge not only displays the meeting room name, date and time, but also the title of the meeting that is scheduled, the time it is due to start and the organiser.

Staff members checking the availability of a meeting room for immediate use can also benefit from the solution. In the advent that a particular workspace is booked, the room sign will display a list of alternative rooms that are available.

For further service management assistance, Reserva Edge displays and reports any faulty resources, automatically emailing the support desk as well as the meeting organiser to highlight the problem, the time at which it was discovered, and, where possible, by whom.

Compatibility and Flexibility
To offer a future-proof and flexible solution, Reserva Edge integrates with a wide-range of market-leading calendar and scheduling platforms, including Microsoft Office365, Google Calendar and Scientia.

A platform that is ideal for consolidating brand and corporate identity, it also ensures that businesses can customise the display with their own logos and background designs. Even the “traffic light” colour code for meeting room status alerts can be changed to suit the individual preferences of an organisation.

As well as the Reserva Edge 10” design, there are 15” and 22” standard screen models, which benefit from the same enhanced NTB platform as Reserva Edge.

Of the launch, ONELAN product management manager, Simon Carp, comments “With Reserva Edge, we’re moving the sector forward, offering so much more than workspace optimisation. For us, meeting room signage should not be a niche, one-dimensional product, but a multi-faceted and flexible solution that can add to the overall value of an organisation. That’s why we’re making it easy for businesses of every size to adopt a more cost-effective and streamlined communications strategy, providing a single platform on which they can incorporate meeting room management as well as their internal announcements and/or advertising.

“Ideally placed to work with facilities managers for every type of building, we offer a contemporary, easy-to-maintain, secure and accessible design that perfectly complements even the most prestigious of settings. Thanks to its five-degree incline, Reserva Edge also helps to improve the accessibility of a venue, ensuring ease of legibility for people with mobility impairments.”

For more information visit https://reservaroomsigns.com/Reserva-Edge, email sales@onelan.com or call (0)1491 411400.


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