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PPSPower – continued growth through the biggest challenges

PPSPower is a trusted provider of back-up power solutions for businesses and organisations in a wide range of industry sectors operating throughout the UK. Any modern building may suffer a loss of mains power due to downed lines, malfunctions at a substation or a number of other reasons. That’s why it is vital not only to have back-up power, but regular servicing and maintenance to ensure power is continuous and business is never affected.

Growth through COVID

The biggest challenge for a generation is undoubtedly the COVID-19 pandemic. However, PPSPower recently established cloud-based systems for all of telephony, CRM, parts, planning and field software. This meant that at the height of the lockdown, everyone was able to work freely from home without any effect on customer service and departmental communication.

As a result, PPSPower was able to grow during these challenging times. In the last 18 months eight new people have been employed in full-time roles. The company has also taken on a couple of apprentices in finance and electrical engineer. There are currently three more apprenticeship vacancies at PPSPower.

New staff

Josh Hampshire, Group Operations Manager

PPSPower hired Josh Hampshire to work as Group Operations Manager, covering PPSPower, Glenace, Generator Warehouse and our sister company YorPower. Josh has never worked in the back-up power industry and joins after serving 16 years in the gas industry. He has worked his way from being an apprentice trained engineer to senior management within a major utilities provider.

Claire Barker has joined the company’s Service Control Team, moving from national specialist services provider where she was a Labour Controller.

Lydia Macklam has joined the Internal Sales Team. Lydia has a lot of customer service experience and will be a great asset.

Sammie Wells, who started as the cleaner at PPSPower, is now a valued member of the Service Control Team. She revealed she has a natural understanding of mechanical engineering, having rebuilt a motorbike in her garage!

Additionally, five new field engineers have recently joined PPSPower to service clients in the south of the UK.

Future growth

PPSPower is now in a very strong and healthy position to grow. Our biggest customer contributes less than 4% of our turnover, which gives us the reassurance that we are able to suffer the loss of any single customer (something we don’t want to do) and know that we would not need to reduce our staffing levels.

Managing Director Stephen Peal

Managing Director Stephen Peal likes to control growth to ensure that PPSPower doesn’t become too big, too fast and that the company is always able to sustain the highest possible level of customer service.

“I am delighted with our performance as a group since the pandemic, which saw us continue to grow while many companies went the opposite way. We have stuck to our principles of delivering excellent customer service and value, backed by a loyal and multi-skilled team.

“We won’t fall into the trap of becoming complacent and will stay aware of new technologies, especially around battery development with regard to UPS units and alternative fuel solutions to diesel. This will ensure that we can develop the team’s skill sets and our service offering in line with these developing trends in sustainability and reliability.”

This is illustrated by the following customer service results:

  • 95% of our sales staff were voted ‘good’ or better
  • 100% of our clients would recommend us
  • 100% of our engineers are ‘well presented’
  • 95% of engineers arrived on time
  • 95% of our operations staff were ‘good’ or better

For more information visit www.ppspower.com, call 0345 200 9888 or email hello@ppspower.com


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