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Real-time monitoring providing real-time benefits

When a medical diagnostics company required a new water treatment monitoring system to improve its performance calculations and prevent against unnecessary alarm call-outs for staff, Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) provided the ideal solution.

In the space of a weekend, VWT UK installed its bespoke AQUAVISTA Portal system, providing 24-hour remote monitoring of the site’s water systems and accurate trending of plant performance through a secure private portal.

As a manufacturer of clinical products, it is vital that the medical diagnostics company is able to monitor data and record trends to ensure its compliance with various regulatory bodies. This includes knowing when its various instrument parameters and operating systems reach specific levels, so that preventive action can be taken if necessary.

A reliable source of purified water is also critical to the company’s work and for this reason it depends on a previously installed VWT UK IonPro LX which uses reverse osmosis and continuous electrodeionisation (CEDI) to produce high-purity water with low levels of bacteria. However, without a water treatment monitoring system, it was impossible to differentiate between the general and specific alarms of the company’s technology and staff often did not know if immediate action was required when an alarm was produced. This resulted in numerous unnecessary night and weekend callouts by staff and trips to the plant room to take data readings. A new system was required that would monitor the plant automatically and send appropriate notifications for different situations with indications of urgency.

As the medical diagnostics company already used the VWT UK IonPro LX, they approached VWT UK to provide a solution. VWT UK had recently launched its bespoke AQUAVISTA system – a web-based platform that allows users to remotely monitor and manage water treatment systems on any device, via a secure and private portal. The bespoke AQUAVISTA system was selected as the ideal solution and installed to monitor the IonPro LX as well as four individual water loops, a nitrate analyser, an inline Total Organic Carbon (TOC) line cell and multiple leak detection units.

The site’s alarms were then altered to allow staff to easily distinguish between when immediate action was required and when attention was less immediate, preventing system errors from being overlooked whilst also reducing unnecessary callouts. For the client this has saved time for staff members and reduced the costs of covering call-outs; the company is now hoping to phase out overnight cover shifts onsite altogether.

On top of monitoring capabilities, the AQUAVISTA package is also able to trend how the plant is performing, providing an automatic audit trail for the site with increased data accuracy.

VWT UK’s AQUAVISTA digital services offer a flexible range of solutions and can be tailored to suit a variety of system requirements. It is compatible with new or existing, VWT UK and non-VWT UK, plants and technologies and allows for easy access to a wealth of monitoring data via a secure digital portal.

For more information on AQUAVISTA or Veolia Water Technologies UK other solutions, please visit www.veoliawatertechnologies.co.uk or call 01628 879 704.


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