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Reckitt Pro Solutions are proud to be offering exceptional cleaning and hygiene solutions for stronger businesses at Interclean 2024

Reckitt Pro Solutions are proud to be presenting at Interclean 2024 (14-17th May) and will be bringing their portfolio of internationally recognised cleaning and hygiene brands to Stand 403 in Hall 11.

Reckitt Pro Solutions will be bringing the latest research results, information and best practice recommendations for cleaning and hygiene in commercial spaces and demonstrating the role efficient and effective products have in helping create cleaning and hygiene protocols that support stronger businesses.

Jonathan Weiss, Commercial Director for Global Business Solutions EUANZ at Reckitt Pro Solutions, shared his excitement for the event and the opportunities that it presents: “Interclean is one of the most significant dates in the calendar, and it presents an opportunity for us to deliver the latest hygiene research and thinking as well as talk to businesses about the cleaning needs of their spaces along with the hygiene needs of staff and customers.

“We will be at Stand 403 consulting with attendees and discussing how to strengthen businesses through efficient and effective hygiene and cleaning protocols. At the stand, Reckitt Pro Solutions will be demonstrating how their exceptional hygiene solutions help create stronger businesses.”

Dettol, the globally trusted liquid soap brand, will have a range of products at the Show including their first ever hand wash formulated specifically for professional use: Dettol Pro Cleanse Liquid Hand Wash.

Key features and benefits of Dettol Pro Cleanse Liquid Hand Wash include:

  • Antibacterial formula boosting hygiene standards
  • Available in 5L refill units for facility-wide use
  • Compatible with manual and automatic dispensers[1]
  • Saves plastic waste when using 5L liquid hand wash[2]
  • Suitable for frequent use and helps protect against dryness, due to the presence of moisturising liquid
  • User-friendly with a light, pleasant fragrance

Pro Cleanse currently have a great ongoing offer available via certain UK distributors:

  • Pro Cleanse 5L refills: Buy 2 and get a free Dettol dispenser

Offers are available while stocks last, and all pricing and promotions remain at the sole discretion of the distributor. For all enquiries and further information, please contact us at prosolutions@reckitt.com.

Alongside Dettol, the Finish Professional range will also be a key focus. Specifically formulated for professional dishwashers, Office and HoReCa businesses can improve the experiences of staff and customers alike, strengthening the business with efficacious machine cleaning.

Finish Professional liquid detergents, tablets and glass wash deliver efficient, effective and powerful washing, creating hygienic and clean tableware that, combined with Rinse Aid, has a streak-free finish.

  • Positive customer experiences, and some repeat business, depends on high standards. Our research has shown that: 52% of diners rank dirty glasses as a turn-off[3]
  • 45% of office workers cite unclean dishes as their top kitchen complaint[4]
  • 56% of patrons do not return to a bar that has dirty glassware[5]

Alongside Finish Professional, the latest Air Wick range will also be on the stand at Interclean 2024. Products on show will include newer additions such as Air Wick 24/7 Active Fresh which is the brand’s first aerosol-free, automatic air freshener and has a 95% naturally derived formula free from dyes and propellants.

Last but not least, the following Reckitt Pro Solutions brands will also be present at the Show, demonstrating their value in strengthening businesses through efficient and effective cleaning.

  • Vanish helps create clean carpets, combatting dirt build-up and neutralising trapped odour which in turns helps to improve customers’ perception of cleanliness within the facility
  • Harpic provides germ control in bathrooms, helping to enhance hygiene standards.
  • Cillit Bang unclogs drains, breaks up limescale and clears grease in professional settings, keeping them clear of soilage.
  • Mr Sheen works with wood, glass, metal or plastic and is renowned for creating clean surfaces and tables that shine, creating a visibly clean environment for patrons and protecting an establishment’s brand image.

Reckitt Pro Solutions continues to innovate with science-backed products that help protect workspaces, and businesses, through exceptional cleaning and hygiene protocols that are efficacious and efficient, getting results that contribute to the development of stronger businesses.

[1] Please contact your dispenser manufacturer to check that this product’s formulation is suitable for use. Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

[2] Save 5kg of plastic waste per year by using Dettol 5L Liquid Hand Wash compared to Dettol 250ml Liquid Hand Wash. Save 6.8kg of packaging waste per year by using Dettol 5L Liquid Hand Wash compared to Dettol 250ml Liquid Hand Wash. Based on an annual usage of 50L of Liquid Hand Wash.

[3] https://www.hospitalityandcateringnews.com/2014/05/poor-service-and-dirty-table-and-glassware-are-top-restaurant-turn-offs/

[4] https://www.businessleader.co.uk/dirty-office-kitchens-causing-workplace-rifts-and-disruption/

[5] https://www.citronhygiene.com/resources/dirty-dishes-are-keeping-your-customers-away/


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