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Recolight launches ‘game-changing’ Reuse Hub

Recolight, the WEEE compliance scheme for the lighting industry, has launched a “game changing” Reuse Hub to increase reuse and reduce waste.

The Recolight Reuse Hub is a new digital marketplace to facilitate the donation of new and used lighting products and equipment.

Currently, there are considerable volumes of new and used lighting products that are needlessly recycled when they could be reused. Some are in very good condition before removal and therefore a lot of the value and embedded carbon is lost if they are recycled.

Many manufacturers hold unsold stock; surplus new lighting taking up valuable warehouse space, and Recolight wants to make it as easy as possible for companies to hand over surplus and used products to third-parties, who can put them to good use.

The Recolight Reuse Hub allows donors of such products to link up with potential recipients; companies that could use the donated products.

A Reuse Hub for Lighting

The Reuse Hub is the first of its kind for the donation, reuse, and remanufacture of lighting products. Donors can offer both unused, unsold lighting stock and used but reusable  lighting equipment that may be suitable for remanufacturing, including those from CAT A and fit outs.

Any type of organisation can sign up, including manufacturers, remanufacturers, specifiers, end users, charities, and more. Even those lighting producers that are not yet members of the Recolight compliance scheme may participate. Companies can register as donors, recipients, or both.

The Reuse Hub is currently free of charge for both donors and recipients. It includes a template agreement between both parties, that clearly limits the liability of donors, to de-risk the process.

Francesca Cameron, Membership Coordinator at Recolight, and project manager of the new platform said: “Recolight are thrilled to be launching this new platform. This is intended to become a vital way of avoiding waste, reducing unnecessary recycling, stimulating reuse, and responding to the climate emergency.”

Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey added: “At Recolight, we recycle, but as we move towards a Circular Economy model, recycling is not always the best solution. We hope that the Reuse Hub will be a real gamechanger. It shows our commitment to encourage and facilitate reuse in the lighting industry. We hope it will help avoid unnecessary recycling and ensure retention of more embedded carbon.”

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