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Remark Group offer new innovative social distancing detection technology

With the return to the office on the horizon, many companies have been looking into how they can ensure the health and safety of their employees. Every organisation should now be making plans to operate under this new “normal” for at least the next year.

Ensuring that everyone abides by the 2-meter rule on the return to work will be difficult to manage, particularly in communal areas and canteens. But technology providers and installers, Remark Group, are pleased to announce the addition of a new innovative technology to assist the latest government advice.

On behalf of Remark Group, Josh Farrell, Technical Director commented: “We believe social distancing is one of the best ways to tackle the spread of the virus and providing peace of mind to employees as they return to work will make this a smoother transition. Our social distancing detection solution automatically measure rates to produce distancing data, complimenting health and safety best practices.”

He added: “The data is monitored in real-time and can send alerts and updates to Facilities Managers where people aren’t abiding the two-metre rule, such as tailgating. The solution also checks your existing workplace camera feeds for hotspots many times a day, so it can determine which areas need a social distancing fix.”

Remark Group can also now also provide a solution that works with your video surveillance camera that can function as a queue monitor, to detect whether people are abiding by the 2-meter rule and staying to the designated chevrons.

Remark Group’s solution will work with medium-traffic office spaces or a high-traffic workplace and provides a solution at the forefront of business technology, whilst ensuring workplace wellbeing.

For more information visit www.remark-group.co.uk, email info@remark-group.co.uk or call 0800 597 5558.


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