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Save on rising energy costs by partnering with Excel Dryer, UK

Energy prices have increased drastically in recent months. In fact, according to research published by Parliament, the energy price cap for the average household increased 54% in April 2022—from £1,277 to £1,971 a year. Businesses are not as lucky to have such a price cap, leading energy suppliers to pass on the high prices to commercial facilities across the United Kingdom. However, there is a simple solution: Here’s how facility managers across the country can save on rising energy costs by installing energy-efficient XLERATOR hand dryers made by Excel Dryer, UK in their commercial restrooms.

Save Energy (And Money) With Every Use

There is a direct correlation between energy use and total energy cost: if a business uses less energy, the business will not spend as much money on it. So, when compared to the energy use per hand dry of other hand drying methods, Excel Dryer, UK’s line of products is the clear choice. When compared to recycled paper towels, the classic XLERATOR® Hand Dryer consumes about 80% less energy per use—and when compared to conventional hand dryers, Excel Dryer, UK’s product line is decidedly more energy-efficient.

Looking at the details, it’s easy to see exactly how Excel Dryer, UK’s products are more energy-efficient than the alternatives. The XLERATOR dries hands in eight seconds on just 3.7 Wh per use, while the most energy-efficient hand dryer on Earth, the XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer, utilises exclusive no heat technology and draws a mere 1.7 Wh per use to dry hands in 10 seconds.

Make a Change

Create an immediate impact on your facility’s energy bills—contact Excel Dryer, UK and install its energy-efficient hand drying solutions in your commercial restroom today.

For more information visit https://excel-hand-dryers.co.uk/


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