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Scottish hotel group switches to GreenTeck Global’s 100% natural cleaning system

A new distribution agreement between GreenTeck Global and Alliance Scotland has already inspired one Scottish hotel group to swap its cleaning products for a chemical-free alternative.

Thanks to the partnership, Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels recently committed to introducing GreenTeck Global’s COSHH-free AquaTeck SC100 cleaning system across its eight-hotel portfolio, which are all set within iconic Scottish locations.

The AquaTeck SC100 allows businesses to convert ordinary water into hypochlorous acid (HOCL); a naturally-occurring steriliser that is known to be the most powerful natural disinfectant available. This all-purpose cleaning solution not only destroys 99.99% of all bacteria, pathogens, viruses and odours, but its non-toxic qualities ensure the non-allergenic solution is as safe for those using it as the environment.

Once fed through a standard water softener, ordinary food-grade salt is added to produce two litres of the chemical-free solution every minute – a solution which is more effective than bleach yet can be safely tipped away with zero harmful effects.

The Family’s move follows the success of a four-month trial of the AquaTeck SC100 system at its four-star Crieff Hydro Hotel, in the heart of Perthshire, in early 2022. By using the sustainable sanitising solution across the property’s front-of-house areas, the hotel was able to reduce the amount it usually spent on chemical cleaning products by around £450 each month, saving nearly £2,000 during the trial period alone.

What’s more, by being able to produce GreenTeck Global’s innovative 100% natural cleaner on tap and refill cleaning bottles as needed, the hotel also saved the equivalent of 2,430 single-use plastic bottles.

Not only did the hotel group find that embracing a more cost-effective and energy-conscious alternative boosted its carbon credentials by lowering plastic waste, but it also eliminates the need for added detergents while continuing to deliver the highest levels of cleanliness for guests.

For more information visit https://www.greenteckglobal.com/aquateck/ or call Kieran Brennan on: 0141 7712900 or email: scotland@alliancelocal.co.uk


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