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Secure sustainability

Thanks to effective alignment on service expectations, social consciousness and sustainability principles, Zurich, CBRE and Corps Security are demonstrating the value of a holistic and integrated FM approach, thanks to a win-win-win partnership

Founded in Switzerland in 1872, Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) has established itself as a global insurance industry leader. Today, the firm employs more than 53,000 employees worldwide, providing a wide range of general and life insurance products and services.

In the UK, Zurich was seeking the support of a facilities management services provider capable of delivering an exceptional workplace experience for 18 of its offices, serving over 4,500 employees across a combined total area of 650,000 square feet. Critically, the insurer demanded that its selected partners would not only be able to realise its workplace vision, but equally demonstrate commitment and alignment to its ESG targets and extensive engagement with social enterprises.


CBRE was identified as a provider capable of meeting these requirements, kicking off the contract as Zurich’s partner of choice on 1 February 2022. CBRE was drafted to deliver building maintenance, technical services, cleaning, waste management, grounds maintenance, security, guest services, reception and concierge services, audio visual support, and helpdesk support.

To deliver on all fronts, CBRE developed a bespoke solution package for its new major client that focused on Zurich’s value drivers:

  • Customer experience service excellence
  • Continuous improvement and simplification
  • Innovation with the customer in mind
  • Being healthy, safe, and environmentally sustainable

A dedicated mobilisation team comprising HR advisors, business system consultants, operational directors, finance advisors and subject matter experts was deployed to conduct the mobilisation within a slated three-month window. This team always made itself available to Zurich.

In addition, CBRE was tasked with reallocating the budget where necessary in order to ‘buy social’. The prerogative is to join forces with service providers that demonstrate a commitment to ESG and a track record in delivering social value, either as a social enterprise or as a business heading in that direction.


To provide Zurich with outstanding workplace facilities services and a first-rate customer experience, CBRE partnered with a series of trusted entities that excel in the delivery of a variety of niche services. These partners were brought on board under an enhanced ‘One Zurich, One Workplace’ umbrella, designed to create a ‘One Team’ ethos across each and every service line, weaving together shared values and cultures to prioritise Zurich’s workplace service vision. Such an approach ensured that Zurich received support from the very best industry experts via a single integrated approach.

As part of this, Corps Security was selected to deliver guarding services across six of Zurich’s offices and tenanted locations, with 31 security personnel being deployed across the six sites. A major challenge was ensuring the delivery of exceptional security services while also retaining a welcoming ethos. Corps Security achieved this through several subtle features. The uniforms – for example – were softened, with black and white suits replaced by Navy corporate suits with white branded shirts.

The company also took the necessary measures to mitigate any issues that could arise from the normalisation of hybrid and flexible working such as differing working hours and patterns, rolling out its security services on a 24/7 basis to provide round-the-clock coverage. Equally, bespoke security instructions were developed for each of Zurich’s sites, providing individualised guidelines to enhance any protective measures.

Corps Security’s track record in delivering innovative technology was a major draw to help the company secure the contract, not least because its ethos aligned with the desires of Zurich. While the firm delivers many traditional security solutions such as CCTV cameras, barriers, alarms and intercom systems, Corps has also deployed its mobile applications service across Zurich’s sites to help its personnel deliver real-time reports around patrolling (where required), general daily reporting and incident escalations which are all categorised based on the severity. All of this is to ensure maximum transparency. Further, escalation pathways can also be triggered with ease, enabling any severe incidents to be quickly and efficiently raised with senior operating teams for further intervention when required.

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