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SEKO’s DispenserONE delivers a game-changing solution to hand hygiene

Global cleaning and hygiene expert SEKO has announced the release of DispenserONE, its latest innovation that solves the issues associated with conventional hand sanitiser dispensers while adding a multitude of features to benefit users and FMs alike.

With a capacity of 3 to 50 litres providing up to 50,000 doses of sanitiser, the DispenserONE range offers up to 50 times the capacity of a traditional dispenser, ensuring users always have access to a plentiful supply of product while vastly reducing refill frequency for the operator.

The system’s mains-powered connection (with rechargeable battery models available), ensures 24/7 operation and removes reliance on disposable batteries, while automatic touch-free dispensing maximises user protection and infection control.

Powered by advanced pump technology – unprecedented in sanitiser dispensers – DispenserONE delivers the same smooth, consistent dose every time with a reliability and longevity that fragile conventional units can’t match.

Meanwhile, with remote access possible via an in-built Wi-Fi hotspot, operators can view live statistics on sanitiser level and usage data for multiple units across different sites through their personal online dashboard. With this information to hand, they’re able to deploy maintenance staff to refill only when necessary, while low-level smartphone notifications act as a failsafe.

DispenserONE’s customisation options allow the unit to be branded with any colour or logo, while an optional 17” video screen can be used to sell advertising space, run promotions or display visitor information.

Visit www.dispenserone.com for more information.


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