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South Ayrshire increase recycling rates in parks

South Ayrshire Council is collecting 36.8%* more recyclable waste in residential parks since installing over 400 new recycling bins by Leafield Environmental in June 2022.

South Ayrshire Council grouped together three Leafield Maxi recycling bins to form recycling points across six parks. Leafield were able to match the colours of the recycling labels and apertures to the household waste collection bins in South Ayrshire, so residents were able to recognise what and where to recycle items more easily.

South Ayrshire Council worked closely with Zero Waste Scotland to provide waste analysis during the first 14 weeks of installing the new recycling bins. During the first 14 weeks, 36.8% total volume of waste collected has been recycled, which is an excellent start considering these parks didn’t collect any recyclable waste previously.

*Data obtained by Zero Waste Scotland Report on data for the period of June to September 2022.

For more information visit www.leafieldrecycle.com, email recycle@leafieldenv.com or call 01225 816541.


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