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Square Mile Farms now has more than 60 urban farms in over 25 locations

Urban agriculture specialist, Square Mile Farms, has established over 60 urban farm installations in 27 locations, a milestone in the company’s history.

The company, founded by Patrick Dumas and Johnno Ransom, has been enriching the lives of city dwellers since 2018. The two founders, who were executives in the city, took inspiration from a visit to Heron Tower, where looking out onto vast amounts of grey buildings they saw the huge potential to transform the grey to green by putting farms in the heart of the cityscape. It was here in the heart of the City of London – from where Square Mile Farms derives its name – that the venture began, with the aim to produce food for customers located within the square mile around the farm.

Since then, Square Mile Farms has been empowering companies and people to live healthier, more sustainable lives by selling or renting modular flexible farmwalls, freestanding farmstands and creating bespoke designs. The company uses ultra-modern vertical, hydroponic (growing without soil) systems to grow fresh food indoors year-round, maximising the growing area while minimising water and energy use. The farms grow up to 40 different crops, comprising a variety of produce including leafy greens, herbs and salad leaves, which can be harvested every two weeks.

The benefits of urban farming are not just about the end result, but the journey of producing food and the connections between staff and their working environment, stimulating conversations about wellness and sustainability. This is taking biophilic design to the next level by encouraging people to spend time in nature, making sure it grows and thrives.

So far over 10,000 workers across London have been exposed to this purposeful office ecosystem.

Hamish Grant, Chief Growth Officer at Square Mile Farms commented: “For employers, urban farming can reinvigorate the working environment, becoming an important part of the narrative around returning to the office after months of working from home. It can also dovetail with corporate ESG and People strategies. No wonder clients such as Derwent, Fora and JLL are all sold on the benefits of Square Mile Farms.”


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