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Step it up this Recycle Week with sustainability insights and solutions from Rubbermaid Commercial Products

As public focus gradually moves away from the pandemic, sustainability has been thrown into the spotlight once more. Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ (RCP) Europe-wide Changing Workplaces study revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic drove 66% of businesses to increase spend on single-use items. This dramatic increase left facilities struggling to effectively manage waste, whilst also slowing progress towards their sustainability goals.

With the UK currently rating climate changes as the as the second most important social issue*, just behind the Covid-19 pandemic, now is the time for facilities to make visible, long-term commitments. Insights from RCP will help facility managers take control and put sustainable business practices back in the spotlight:

Innovate your existing practices

Understanding your current approach to recycling and waste management can help you identify the solutions needed across your facility. Carrying out regular waste audits will help you to identify how you can improve your existing practices and track your success.

It’s important to remember that upgrading your sustainability practices requires commitment across your facility. Consider the motivations of others at your organisation as well as your facility users when making changes to how you operate your waste management; whether it’s communicating the financial benefits of waste segregation to your board or providing appropriate training for employees and incentivising compliance, there are many elements to factor in.

Invest in long-term waste management to meet user expectations

Changing Workplaces revealed a 42% uplift in recycling and waste management budgets amongst facilities in Europe. However, only half of respondents expect budgets to increase again in the future. Despite this uncertainty on spend, businesses do recognise that their service users’ expectations have changed, with 36% expressing concern about meeting them.

By investing in products designed to withstand use over the long-term, your facility can reduce and control your costs and make a choice that’s better for the environment by minimising waste.

The Brute bin, for example, is built with a reinforced base to prevent tearing from movement across facilities and terrain, as well as a UV-inhibitor to limit damage over time, offering facilities a waste management solution that is both cost-efficient and sustainable.

Separate waste to maximise recycling

When it comes to waste management, half of Changing Workplaces respondents said they had found it challenging to manage additional waste streams in their facility. Choosing flexible waste management and recycling solutions that make life easier will ensure your facility is set up to maximise its recycling capability efficiently.

Solutions that make it straightforward for your customers and employees to separate waste front-of-house can maximise your recycling output while showcasing your facility’s commitment to sustainability. Slim Jim Recycling Stations, for example, allow you to separate recyclable and non-recyclable materials with ease, preventing cross-contamination. Their customisable lids also allow each compartment to be colour coded and direct end users on how to split their waste.

Be visible to show your commitment

Changing Workplaces revealed that 74% of businesses are concerned about how the pandemic has affected their sustainability credentials. Their concerns are not unfounded, as a recent IBM study showed that 77% of consumers actively look for brands that are sustainable and/or environmentally responsible**.

By implementing visible front-of-house recycling measures, you can showcase your business’ commitment to environmentally friendly practices, improving your reputation amongst existing and potential staff. Slim Jim Recycling Stations mean you can accomplish this without compromising your facility’s aesthetics. Balancing a front-of-house look with back-of-house functionality, the slim footprint fits in the tightest spaces, while hinging lid inserts allow larger recyclables to easily fit inside. The customisable colours and lids allow you to create a recycling station that both fits your needs and looks smart.

Get ahead, stay ahead

Staying on top of market trends and understanding best practice can be extremely valuable for businesses wanting to improve their recycling practices. RCP’s Changing Workplaces report identifies new challenges facing the market, providing deep insights into how you can future fit your facility. Download the report for free at Rubbermaid.eu.

The award-winning Love Recycling program also provides free insights and resources that help businesses to implement effective recycling. Find out more at LoveRecycling.com.

Why choose RCP?

Choosing RCP’s quality hand hygiene, waste management and cleaning solutions, gives you more control over your facility. Partnering with RCP helps you to control your costs, receive dependable solutions and, ultimately, introduce order to your hand hygiene, waste, and cleaning essentials.

For more information visit www.rubbermaid.eu/en/changing-workplaces



** https://www.ibm.com/downloads/cas/EXK4XKX8


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