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Suite of innovative managed tech solutions launched to help businesses ensure Covid-19 related workplace safety

A first-of-its-kind suite of smart tech solutions has been launched by Contrac IT to help businesses protect their workforce and customers in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Building on technology most often seen in acute healthcare settings, Contrac IT has been granted licensing rights for the THOR UVC terminal cleaning device. Killing viruses quickly and efficiently, the remotely operated system uses ultraviolet to decontaminate both the air and surfaces in a room, killing 99.9999% of pathogens.

To ensure social distancing is maintained within the workplace, Contrac IT has also worked with partners to bring together a range of wearable tech to help keep employees safe. Available as a high vis vest, lanyard or wristband, the technology alerts the wearer when they get too close to another member of the team. Recording how and where incidents occur can then be useful in determining if additional training or adjustments to facilities are needed.

A third piece of technology monitors employees as they enter the workplace with thermal imaging cameras, detecting anyone who may be experiencing a higher than normal temperature.

All the devices, which are GDPR compliant, can be monitored 24-hours a day by Contrac IT to enable corrective action as required.

Contrac IT works with clients in food production, manufacturing and public service many of whom are big employers facing the new health and safety challenges presented by Coronavirus. Managing Director Mark Harding said: “Everyone is keen to get business back up and running but it has to be done safely. The three tech solutions we’ve brought together can be tailored to a specific workplace. They can help safeguard the health and wellbeing of workforces in factories, workshops and offices, as well as employees and customers in retail, hospitality and healthcare settings.”

For more information visit www.contracfm.com/covid-response or email info@contracfm.com or call 01482862336.


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