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Sustainable hoarding solution wins praise

Surrey-based Panthera Group launched its latest hoarding innovation; the sustainable and environmentally friendly EnviroHoard™, in March 2020 just before the Covid lockdown. Despite the effects of the pandemic, the system has been specified by key players in the construction sector to secure their sites.

Developed to offer a closed loop, 100% recyclable hoarding system EnviroHoard™ is manufactured from post industrial production and consumer waste uPVC. The system can be used multiple times and has a minimum 10-year life expectancy. Once at the end of its useful life it is recycled into pellets to make more panels and other products. Timber hoarding, conversely, tends to be single use and discarded or downcycled after just a single use.

Neal James, Managing Director of Panthera Group, recognises the use of wood and timber in buildings, but is committed to reducing single use for ancillary activities: “I believe it is really important that we ask ourselves the question of how sustainable is it to cut down trees in this day and age for site hoarding. The UK imports a lot of wood and often from countries with little forestry regulation. It’s unnecessary to use timber for this application given the pressing global deforestation issue and especially when there is a sustainable alternative.”

Customers might be surprised to know the statistics around traditional timber hoarding according to specialists. For just 100m of hoarding it is estimated that one 60-year old hardwood and three 50-year old softwood trees are needed. The ethics around disposal are similarly worrying. Most commonly it is downcycled into chips that are either burnt in power stations or made into chipboard. The processing alone creates a hefty carbon footprint. Some is still sent to landfill where it is thought that every tonne of wood that rots produces a quantity of methane as harmful as 600kg of CO².

Aside from the environmental implications there are a host of other benefits to specifying EnviroHoard™. The modular design, for example, simplifies hoarding moves whilst the system requires no decorating, or ongoing costly maintenance. It can be installed on-ground, in-ground or fixed to scaffold and provides a perfect flat surface for the applications of graphics. Optional site doors are available to match the panels or can be constructed in steel.

Flexible purchase options include contract-hire or purchase and the latter also includes an option of storage and maintenance in between uses, as well as a guaranteed buy back scheme. In addition to supporting BREEAM and CEEQUAL the specification of EnviroHoard™ enhances Considerate Constructor scoring and ‘Construction 25’; the UK Government’s strategy for Sustainable Construction.

Clients including John Sisk, Barratt London, Kier Construction, Keepmoat Homes, Skanska as well as a host of smaller contractors, have adopted EnviroHoard™ to help them meet their ambitious environmental targets.

For every metre of hoarding specified, Panthera Group plants trees via the Trees for Cities scheme and offsets all carbon through partner Circular Ecology in gold accredited schemes.

For more information please visit www.envirohoard.com and for more information on the range of services from Panthera Group please visit www.pantheragroup.com.


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