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Lost in translation

For FM service providers with large dispersed workforces, staying in contact can be a problem. FM communications specialist Cathy Hayward finds out how different vendors keep in touch with their people The FM sector employs roughly 10 per cent of ...

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New report on disabled passengers’ airport experience recommends more collaboration between FM service providers, airlines and airports to improve quality

A new report from OCS, based on the experiences of over 500 passengers, has recommended more collaboration between airlines, airports and service providers in order to improve the quality of assistance to persons with reduced mobility (PRM) at UK airports. ...

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Taking a view on service

The views of FM service providers are explored in the latest FM Index KPI Survey, compiled by FMJ and Causeway. All respondents to the FM Index KPI Survey are asked to indicate whether they are either ‘a FM with responsibility ...

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Brand NEW

The past few months have seen some major rebrands of FM service providers. Cathy Hayward looks at the importance of the brand name in FM, how organisations go about choosing a new name, and the physical challenges of introducing a new brand ...

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