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Separation Issues

A cohesive waste strategy not only saves money, it can help build a reputation for good environmental management, says Bradley Smith, Grundon Waste Management Effective, responsible management of an organisation’s waste is not only good for the environment, enhancing the ...

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The CE word: Circular Economy

Every year Acclaro’s Sustainable FM Index helps participants to identify the areas in which they can improve their sustainability performance, both in absolute terms as well as relative to peers. One of the key areas they judge when it comes ...

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Waste not want not

Over recent years recycling and waste management have gone from a hot topic to a scorching, scalding, sizzling one. Every business in the country acknowledges the importance of recycling and talks about their latest green initiatives. Despite this growth in ...

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West End Gardening

The name Covent Garden (coming as it does from “The Convent’s Garden,”) paints a picture of an idyllic pastoral scene. Fields, streams, sheep, maybe an acolyte or two tending the flower beds. Indeed this was once the case, but now ...

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