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The simple & certain route to fire door compliance from Doorfit

Doorfit has an enviable reputation for specifying and supplying high quality products in the areas of architectural ironmongery, timber doorsets, entrance doors and garage doors. Doorfit’s deep and extensive experience with architectural ironmongery has been wrapped into a new product offering, Protus Timber Fire Doorsets.

Post Grenfell
In the wake of Grenfell, demonstrable compliance is central to fire doors. Doorfit’s Protus Timber Fire Doorsets are now the simplest and most certain route to ensure fire doors are certified for all necessary building and fire regulations. Protus Fire Doorsets are for use in healthcare, education, commercial. etc., and multi-occupancy buildings.

A Fully Certified, Complete Assembly
Protus Doorsets are sold as one, fully-certified, item and are a complete assembly of door leaf, frame, seals, vision panels and hardware that is certified compliant and will ensure optimal on-site fire safety.

High risk or certainty?
Choosing to follow the route of on-site joinery construction is full of risk. Compliance of each component must be ascertained and documented, along with confirmation that the installer has fitted each item as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Gaps in the seals? Door to frame gap over 3mm? Correct signage? Protus Timber Fire Doorsets eliminate the uncertainty.

Quick and easy to install
As most of the assembly is completed ahead of time and factory prepared to precise tolerances, Protus Timber Fire Doorsets require minimal on-site fabrication. This allows installers to make light work of the installation, giving you peace of mind that fire doors are installed according to all necessary building and fire regulations for England and Wales. PAS 24 security and dB ratings are also available to further extend the applications of Protus.

“Protus is a big step forward. Our ironmongery knowledge is second to none and applying that capability to our own line of doorsets gives customers a truly complete package – well considered architectural ironmongery for the optimum user experience and access management, combined into fully certified doorsets for effortless compliance. Protus is available now and already gaining traction, as architects, specifiers and contractors tap into the expertise we layer onto this exciting new product. It’s liked by installers too, as fitting is fast and straightforward, saving significant time over traditional joiner fabrication and the inherently challenging compliance from this approach,” Robert Neil, Doorfit’s joint M.D. commented.

Doorfit, currently celebrating its 70th anniversary, has a turnover of £11.5m and 50 staff, who’s knowledge and expertise back its products as Doorfit continues to be the name to trust for its values and customer-led approach.

For more information visit www.doorfit.co.uk, email robert@doorfit.co.uk or call 0121 803 6021.


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