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Training recognition service launched by ASFP

(l-r) Siderise Insulation’s Technical Manager Adam Heath and CEO Adam Turk receive their Certificate of Recognition from ASFP Managing Director Mike Ward

A new training recognition service to offer an independent third-party evaluation of training courses specific to passive fire protection (PFP) has been launched by the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP).

ASFP Recognition ensures that all recognised providers work to the highest standards in both training delivery and passive fire technical input, and that recognised programmes provide current and up-to-date skills and knowledge by linking them to the industry-developed competence framework.

The service allows the Association to work with training providers of all kinds and review their internal processes and ways of working to identify a commitment to high quality learning. This includes looking at how training is developed, delivered, and maintained, how technical accuracy of content is ensured, and how trainers are selected, developed, and managed.

Once companies have demonstrated their approach to training quality and technical capability, their application is reviewed by an independent panel. All providers that meet this quality benchmark gain recognition from ASFP for training delivery in their particular subject area(s), subject to ongoing oversight and quality monitoring. They are then permitted to use the ASFP Recognised Provider logo. This ensures high-quality providers are easily recognisable, making choosing the right training easier.

Providers may be dedicated training companies, those with significant internal provision for their staff, or manufacturers offering training or CPD to clients or the public, whether it is chargeable or not. By only using training delivered by the ASFP or its recognised providers, learners can be confident that they will receive high quality input that is technically accurate, professionally presented, and both relevant and sufficient to demonstrate competence in PFP. All such training will be eligible to support registration on the ASFP Competence Register.

Having worked to develop the scheme over the last year, the ASFP has announced Siderise Insulation as the very first company to become an ASFP Recognised Training Provider.

Commenting on the new service and the recognition of the first training provider, ASFP Managing Director Mike Ward stated: “Training is an important part of positively driving up standards in the passive fire protection sector and forms a key step of our broader Competency Pathway, which leads to the ASFP Pass Mark.

“We recognise that many third parties offer appropriate PFP training and have now developed a process for recognising those that meet our high quality and technical standards, incorporating their good work as evidence of competence.

“We are delighted to welcome ASFP member Siderise as the very first ASFP Recognised Provider for their comprehensive training courses and CPDs. We are pleased that they are supporting our drive to increase quality and competency in every aspect of PFP.”

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