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Training to elevate your team

The role of facilities management is increasingly being relied upon to reduce risk and drive operational efficiency, whilst upholding the safety and compliance of customers and employees alike.

At NICEIC, we believe that the right training is pivotal in arming facilities professionals with the skills and knowledge to make measurable impact in these areas. In response to this, we have developed our Complete Guide to Training to help keep you ahead of the curve and instil a greater level of confidence across your team.

The range of training courses available for 2024 has been designed by our experts to support and empower facilities professionals with the latest knowledge and skills required for such a varied and demanding role. With over 20 years of training experience, our goal is to make sure you and your team can operate safely and in compliance with current standards.

Invest in your team

That being said, training extends far beyond safety and compliance; there is also a strong business case for investing in professional development for staff retention and morale. In a recent poll of jobseekers, nearly half (44%) stated that additional training opportunities would keep them motivated and prevent them from leaving for pastures new[1].

60+ courses led by real-world experts

From electrical essentials and fire alarms to business support and the latest in energy technologies, NICEIC’s 60-plus courses cover a broad range of topics. Each undergoes a rigorous and continuous review to keep the training aligned with rapidly evolving industry standards and technologies.

Two of our most popular courses for facilities professionals are our new e:learning course ‘Electrical Fundamentals’ and the popular ‘Electrical Fundamentals for Maintenance Operatives.’

The former is delivered via five e-learning modules (each 20 minutes long) allowing delegates to learn at their own pace.  These modules are ideal for those who manage or administer the work of electricians and maintenance operatives or are looking for a demystification of the electrotechnical sector.

As for the latter, this is a three-day classroom-based or in-company course, arming your team with the skills and knowledge required to allow them to safely isolate an electrical system and to safely remove and replace an accessory on a like for like basis. No formal entry requirements are required for this course, however those attending should already be familiar with electrical systems.

Training how you want it

Courses are available in multiple formats, from classroom-based at your nearest centre, to virtual courses with an online tutor, or via 24/7 accessible e-learning modules. For larger companies aiming to train a group of people at the same time, NICEIC offers a compelling in-company option. Training your people in one group, on-site, and at the same time avoids lost hours on the road and time out of the business and ensures everyone is working to the same high standards.

Request a brochure

Choosing NICEIC for your training needs is a serious step towards ensuring the resilience of your team and your wider business in a changing world. With our experts at your side, you can be confident that your teams are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge, ready to meet the challenges of today and to seize the opportunities of tomorrow.

Elevate your team with NICEIC’s expert training. Bookings for 2024 are now open. Visit our website today to download the brochure or contact NICEIC via 0333 015 6627 to discuss group or in-company options.

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[1] Is L&D the key to motivating and retaining workers? (peoplemanagement.co.uk)

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