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Unlock energy efficiencies with E.ON Building and Management Systems (BEMS)

At E.ON we understand that energy management is key to driving energy efficiency and reducing costs. With the recent unpredictability in energy markets, businesses are seeking to harness new technologies and market innovations to help with their decarbonation strategies. Building controls play a fundamental role in managing operating costs and meeting net zero targets as energy can account for 40% of a building’s running costs over a lifetime.

A building management system also known as a BMS or BEMs is a digital system that is in direct control of your building assets, and with the correct tools, these assets and their operation can be monitored alongside their energy consumption which can then be optimised to ensure that your overall consumption can be controlled and correctly managed. This ultimately cuts your carbon emissions and lowers your costs.

We improve energy efficiency through our leading software, Optimum. This has been designed to manage your energy usage giving you useable data that will indicate key changes you can make to optimise your buildings energy use. Optimum, also allows the user to integrate the management of a range of energy assets across various estates, again streamlining the energy maintenance of your sites.

So, what makes us different from some of our competitors?

Well, our platform has been built in-house with a clear and user-friendly interface that can be mastered quickly with limited training. It offers a high degree of flexibility with a broad range of tools and comes with a dynamic dashboard functionality allowing you to customise your Optimum experience whilst providing you with reliable and transparent data at the touch of a button.

This can help you manage your buildings’ energy consuming assets such as lighting and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems creating a healthy and productive work environment for all your building occupants and helping your business to achieve its sustainability goals.

We work across all sizes and sectors with Optimum being used by over 60,000 customers from financial service providers to major UK museums, NHS hospitals and large retailers. There are multiple tiers of Optimum, designed to fit around your business needs and budgets. These tiers range from Optimum Entry to Optimum Professional giving you ultimate flexibility to purchase a package that meets your needs.

Our expertise and experience were recognised by industry experts when we were nominated as finalist in the 2023 BCIA Awards for Building Controls and BEMS Installer of the Year. Our team strives to design, build, optimise and provide in-life management and monitoring for asset and energy management infrastructure, delivering buildings and assets that work harder for you.

To discover a smarter way to use energy with us and to find out more about Optimum at E.ON-click here.

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