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Unlock the secrets to a better-performing building

Discover how Zurich insite can help you reduce running costs, reveal hidden risks and work towards your carbon reduction targets today.

Your business’ physical footprint can be a cornerstone of your continued success, but effectively managing locations can be fraught with unexpected challenges. From creeping energy wastage and hidden fire risks to tackling high carbon emissions — Facilities and Risk Managers often face a delicate balancing act.

Zurich insite delivers a two-pronged approach: giving you the physical and digital tools you need to identify, analyse and deliver data-led solutions that help to improve your building’s performance.

Gather the data you need

The Zurich insite observer device gives Facilities Managers, operations teams and Risk Managers an opportunity to gather rich, clear data on building performance. Simple to install, wide reaching and compatible with a variety of other monitoring systems, it enables you to quickly identify and understand underlying building issues.

Using data from both its own sensors and other monitoring devices, Zurich insite enables you to track boiler activity, pump activity, temperature pressure, heating systems, ventilation, cooling systems, frost protection, power metering, presence detection and fire suppression.

Zurich insite is built on Zurich Resilience Solutions’ best-in-class risk engineering and technical expertise. It listens to the data your building creates and provides insight to help improve building management, increase operational efficiencies and reduce risk.

Receive the insights you want

Transforming data into knowledge and action is a major challenge. The data gathered by your sensors contains vital information and evidence for a diagnosis. However, without effective analysis of this data, it can be challenging to deliver effective solutions.

Zurich insite gathers, analyses and presents these data points within a real-time dashboard — providing actionable intelligence on how your building’s efficiency, risk and performance changes under a variety of conditions.

Access to these valuable insights has enabled our customers to monitor how factors including occupancy levels, seasonal changes and building work can impact overall building health — helping them reduce costs, work towards their ESG targets and manage risks proactively.

Case study: how a Europe-wide bakery saved over €160k and avoided business interruption using Zurich insite


With 30+ sites across Europe, a large-scale bakery faced a range of potential issues that could disrupt their business. After installation, a single Zurich insite observer device collected 6000 data points from the existing building management system – augmented with additional sensors monitoring high-risk components. In total, over 24,000 data points per hour were collected and transmitted in real time to cloud storage via 4G.

Insights Generated

● Humidity levels were building up within a specific air handling unit – an invisible issue that would have caused a major water escape incident, damaged air handling unit and significant workplace repair.

● The cooling and heating systems were consistently working against each other – creating energy inefficiency and unnecessary mechanical stress.

● The building management system was causing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to be running during shutdown periods – when there was no demand for operation.

Customer Outcomes

Data monitored over a 3 month period helped avoid an estimated direct single loss of €160k, plus business interruption claim, for loss of revenue and production time by detecting the humidity buildup in rooftop units.

Benefitted from an estimated 5% energy savings annually, by stopping inefficiencies caused by running of cooling and heating systems simultaneously and outside of operational hours.

Extended the predicted life cycles of air handling, heating and air conditioning units by identifying damaging practices and proactive repair opportunities – saving capital outlay.

Discover how Zurich insite could improve your building’s performance.

For more information visit www.zurich.co.uk/business/insite, or email zrs.enquiries@uk.zurich.com


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