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Veriforce CHAS contractors pave the way in addressing mental health and wellbeing

Veriforce CHAS has reported that more than 5,000 CHAS members have completed the CHAS Mental Health & Wellbeing Question Set, since its launch at the beginning of May 2024, highlighting the construction industrys commitment to managing mental health and wellbeing, while also enhancing their prequalification credentials. 

Developed to support Causeway Technologies’ campaign to integrate mental health into procurement conditions for construction contracts, the question set is integrated as a voluntary module within the core Veriforce CHAS assessment and marks a significant step towards embedding a culture of mental health and wellbeing practices across construction businesses in the UK.

The new Mental Health and Wellbeing question set underscores Veriforce CHAS’s commitment to encouraging the industry to address the issue of mental health and empower contractors and buyers to demonstrate their dedication to wellbeing initiatives within their organisations and their supply chains.

By completing the Mental Health & Wellbeing Question Set, contractors can showcase their proactive approach to fostering a supportive environment for their workforce, evidenced by documented mental health and flexible work policies, training initiatives addressing mental health concerns and examples of the support provided to staff experiencing mental health problems.

Buying clients seeking contractors who prioritise mental health and wellbeing will now have access to this vital information through the VeriforceONE Client Portal. This transparency empowers organisations to make informed decisions aligned with their values and objectives, thereby driving positive change throughout the industry.

The launch of the Mental Health & Wellbeing Question Set follows Veriforce CHAS’s collaboration with Causeway Technologies, which has focused on elevating the profile of mental health in the construction industry via the launch of a mental health pledge. 

Commenting on the popularity of the new assessment, Ian McKinnon, Managing Director of Veriforce CHAS, said: Having more than 5,000 contractors voluntarily complete this question set within two months of its launch is really encouraging and shows that the industry is ready to address this crucial concern.

We hope that this positive uptake ushers in a new era where mental health and wellbeing are prioritised alongside traditional safety measures, making mental health and wellbeing assessment a standard element of the prequalification process.”

Trevor Steven, Mental Health Ambassador at Causeway Technologies and former England international footballer added: “Causeway’s research shows that 56 per cent of site-based construction workers are currently experiencing or have experienced mental health problems including anxiety and depression, so I’m delighted that Veriforce CHAS has supported the work we’ve been doing at Causeway Technologies to highlight this important issue. The uptake among contractors has been really encouraging, and hopefully paves the way to real change in the construction industry.”

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