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Waterblade working well after 5 years use

In the last month two clients who have the Waterblades fitted to their washroom sensor taps confirm that after over 3 and 5 years respectively, they remain working well. One has recommended us to their FM company who are now fitting Waterblade for their clients. We have only had Waterblade on the market on the market for 5 years, so we are happy with that. Both are household name clients. For more info contact me, or check my linkedin posts. Nigel Bamford Waterblade Director.

This year Waterblade has been fitted to 10,000+ hotel bathrooms as well as 1,000’s of washroom basins. Happily, we can now add to that 1,000 plus bathroom basins in the last two weeks alone, having appeared recently on Channel 5’s ‘How To save Money’ in a water saving feature.

With energy being most businesses 3rd biggest expense, Waterblade with a typical energy saving of 1.5% for the whole building and a payback period of months has to be worth considering.

It is WRAS approved and UK manufactured in premises with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Contact us and we can discuss which Waterblade best suits your taps, and set you up with a sample to try for yourselves.

For more information visit www.thewaterblade.com or email info@thewaterblade.com.


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