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Welcome back – settling back into the office

The working world has changed. Many are heading back into to the office full-time and whilst some are eager to return, some may have embraced WFH, enjoying no commute and having a private workspace. One way to incentivise returning to the office? Ensure workers return to a safe, attractive, and ergonomic workspace.

Having had to adapt to home working in a short time, staff are more likely to want to return to a high performing office. Dynamic working is becoming common practice, so workplaces face the challenge of being suitable for flexible use and well organised at the same time. Since the number of electronic devices we use is constantly increasing, use professional solutions for cable management.

With a stringent design concept, premium-quality workmanship, and a smart of combination options, the CAVOLINE® range offers the perfect solution for cable management. DURABLE’s award-winning CAVOLINE® range tames the cable spaghetti and hides power strips and plugs in the fire-retardant box, contributing to the safety of workers by reducing trip hazards whilst adding to the aesthetics of the workplace.

Improve the workplace with intelligent lighting. Whilst spending a lot of time indoors working, minimal exposure to natural light often results in a feeling that has been described as social jet lag. Introducing Human-Centric Lighting, which replicates the motion and colours of the sun, stimulates the product of melatonin and serotonin which work to balance sleep, productivity, and overall wellbeing. LUCTRA’s modern LED lamps are packed with this advanced technology that provides healthy light when indoors.

As the first lockdown was announced so suddenly, and some workers may have not yet returned to the office since, giving tech a good clean creates a welcoming environment for workers to pick up from where they left off. Specialised cleaning products for tech is advised to protect expensive equipment.

Request a free CAVOLINE® sample at www.durablefmj.co.uk


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