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WILL+Partners recycled office fit-out of Europe Arab Bank provides significant reductions in waste and energy use

Workplace design, strategy architects and interior designers, WILL+Partners, has completed a recycled office fit-out project of London’s Europe Arab Bank in Park Lane. The circular economy and recycling nature of the project makes it one of the UK’s first and has already resulted in significant reductions in the Bank’s waste and energy use.

WILL+Partners retained, reused, and repurposed design elements and has created a consistent design scheme throughout the building. No furniture was obtained from second life dealers but instead 85 per cent of Europe Arab Bank’s furniture was reused. The remaining usable and unwanted furniture was donated to charities and are now being used in offices across the UK. Almost all blinds were reused in their existing locations, and 67 per cent of meeting room carpets were reused.

Further, WILL+Partners addressed all lighting, ventilation, and water services. LED lighting occupancy sensors were deployed resulting in longer lamp life expectations and a predicted 20 per cent reduction in energy use. Water leak detection methods were installed to reduce wastage, and ventilation was improved to address comfort and reduce energy use. The landlord of the building also intends to replace the existing heating and cooling systems with a new approved refrigerant-based system in 2023. This will eliminate a fossil fuel use from the building and reduce carbon impact.

This ensured that WILL+Partners reduced the embodied and transport carbon impact of using new products within the design scheme enabling the project to be environmentally and economically efficient.

William Poole-Wilson, WILL+Partners Managing Director, commented: “This is a significant project. The circular and recycled nature of it makes it one of the UK’s first, and the sustainability impact it will have on the building and its occupants will be evident for years to come. But not only does this tick all the boxes when it comes to energy management and sustainability, but the design looks and feels fantastic too. The pandemic changed the physical workspace’s needs, focus, and direction. With a high reuse imperative, we saw the project with Europe Arab Bank to delve deep into and understand the dynamics of reuse in office fit-outs.”

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