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YorPower unveils new company structure

YorPower, PPSPower and Glenace, which have been working together as ‘one family’ for some time have now merged and are operating under the YorPower name.

From this point onwards, all companies within the group now use the same systems, have full visibility of everyone in the different companies and know how each person goes about their job as they all work towards the same goal.

The vision statement for the group is: “To be the most trusted provider of UPS, generator and control panel solutions.”

PPSPower was established eight years ago, the result of a merger of two businesses: Power Plant Services and the Progress Group. Stephen Peal who stepped into the role of YorPower MD in August 2022 (he was formerly the Managing Director for PPSPower), acknowledges that PPSPower is a strong brand in its own right, and says he is “proud of its reputation in the FM market”. Nevertheless, he adds that he recognises the importance of clarity, and explains that PPSPower is now part of the overarching YorPower brand. This is due to the fact that YorPower is the stronger and more well-established brand, globally speaking.

He commented: “You could say that the master plan was right there from the beginning, because the PPSPower branding actually looks very much like the YorPower brand. So now we’ve taken the logical step of bringing those brands together. For some time, a lot of our advertisements have been dual-branded, so that people can start seeing the brands together.”

He adds that the goal now is to build brand awareness without losing sight of the group’s main priority – delivering full back-up power solutions to its customers.

“Customer service is absolutely essential for me; looking after everything we’ve got, not bringing in loads of stuff we could do and then jeopardising the operational delivery of what we’ve sold and what we’ve done,” Peal said. “The infrastructure is now in place to make sure that we get all of the processes and procedures right.”

Net zero target

Peal’s ambitious plans for YorPower extend to its carbon footprint, and he has been working closely with environmental, facilities management and software expert neutral carbon zone, which helps businesses to achieve their net zero goals.

He explained: “Now that we have brought the businesses together, we’re creating efficiencies that move us towards more of a carbon-efficient situation – because we’re being more effective and more efficient as an organisation.”

The next step is to establish and share the carbon footprint of YorPower’s services, and to include a price for carbon offsetting in quotations. This would enable the business to support its customers as they begin their own decarbonisation journeys.

Peal sees a clear relationship between these efforts to reduce YorPower’s carbon footprint, and his work on employee engagement. “A carbon-efficient business is an efficient business,” he commented. “Looking after and retaining people makes for an efficient business. When people are engaged, they care about getting the job done, and they care about the customer.”

Reflecting on all the work that has gone into the merger and the creation of the single YorPower brand, Peal concluded: “It’s about walking the walk now.”

To hear more from Stephen Peal about the company restructure, click on the video below.

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