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Zehnder provides space saving radiant heating ceiling solution for commercial buildings  

Zehnder Group UK, the indoor climate specialist, has combined radiant ceiling panels and LED technology to bring heating and lighting together, to provide an integrated solution from a single source.

Launched in August 2020 the Zehnder ZFP radiant ceiling panels use infrared radiation while the LED 2.0 uses light – both systems transmit energy in the form of radiation. 

A space saving combination 

David Simoes, Marketing and Product Manager at Zehnder Group UK, said: “Combining LED 2.0 lighting with radiant ceiling panels optimises the available space on the ceiling as much as possible.

“This solution is particularly suited to commercial buildings – including warehouses and sports halls – where making the most of valuable ceiling space, while ensuring employees and customers are in a comfortable environment, is critical to business performance.” 

Installation made easy

The Zehnder LED 2.0 can be seamlessly combined with all Zehnder radiant ceiling panels. Thanks to the innovative plug-and-play principle, the LED components can be installed quickly and easily directly on site.  

Optimum illumination for every building project

The Zehnder LED 2.0 can be used for any room height. The different beam angles allow for flexibility in the lighting design and ensure the best possible illumination of the room – regardless of the building situation.


 For more information about the Zehnder ZFP and LED 2.0 visit: www.zehnder.co.uk/zfp


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