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A hygienic washroom solution for today’s demands

As we edge towards a new normal in the shadow of Covid-19, its more important than ever for facilities managers to ensure that they have implemented effective hygiene measures in washrooms to reduce the spread of infection. Paul Mulready, marketing manager of Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd – a supplier of Away-from-Home (AfH) professional paper hygiene and wiping products, discusses a solution for even the most demanding of washrooms.

We all know that washing and drying our hands thoroughly is one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves against Covid-19 and it falls to facilities managers to ensure that communal washrooms deliver optimum hygiene credentials to help protect people against the virus.

At Northwood, we’re supporting businesses with our Raphael proprietary washroom system, which has been developed specifically for high traffic washrooms. Delivering improved washroom hygiene standards, it helps businesses to save money and reduce waste, whilst also contributing to our sustainability.

Complete solution for any setting
With two toilet tissue and four hand towel dispensers, plus a soap dispenser, which are free on loan, our Raphael collection can comfortably cater for the most challenging of washrooms.

The Raphael range is a functional, yet stylish solution and includes the TwinJumbo toilet roll dispenser – the industry’s first proprietary twin high-capacity toilet roll dispenser – which holds up to 800m of roll to minimise the need for frequent replenishing.

The long-lasting Infinity paper system means that only one roll is used at a time to eliminate waste and deliver cost savings in high footfall washrooms. Holding up to 250m each, the roll towel dispensers provide approximately 500 dries, with some offering stub-roll transfer to ensure zero waste.

Completing our range of dispensers, the compact, yet high capacity VersaTwin™ toilet roll dispenser holds up to 400m of roll (2 x 200m rolls) and is ideal for smaller washrooms.

Raphael has been created with convenience in mind – our folded towel dispenser has a 1,000 sheet capacity and all Raphael hand drying systems dispense one at a time flat sheets to prevent overuse. To further reduce over usage and minimise any mess in the washroom, our dispensers have been designed not to free roll.

Clean and contactless
Eliminating the need to touch the unit during use, the Raphael hand drying dispensers provide contactless dispensing. Furthermore, the toilet tissue dispenser incorporates a Biokleen™ treated handle to inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria.

For added hygiene, the dispensers are made from a single-piece shell and are easy to wipe clean, with all towels and rolls being fully enclosed.

Our soap dispensers use foam soap, which require less water for handwashing than liquid soap. They are also easy to use and deliver a generous shot size to encourage single use. The dispensers are non-drip to help keep spaces clean and every soap cartridge comes with a new nozzle to minimise bacteria harbouring.

We have also complemented the Raphael range with a collection of antibacterial foam soap lotions and hand sanitisers to help keep hands hygienically clean.

Green credentials
As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, the Raphael collection includes pure pulp and 100% recycled products, all of which are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified. Roll inserts are made from recycled bottle tops, which can be recycled after use, and all our products are boxed in 100% recyclable packaging.

With relaxed restrictions and more freedom than we’ve had in months, it’s vital to maintain high levels of hand hygiene and prevent the spread of the virus. Our Raphael collection satisfies the current NHS guidelines to use soaps, sanitisers and paper towels for optimal hand hygiene. Northwood is proud to be playing its part by helping facilities managers to equip washrooms with the most hygienic solutions during Covid-19 and beyond.

For further information on the Raphael range, please visit www.northwood.co.uk, or call 01952 236 930.


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