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Alzheimer’s Society partners with Thrive Mental Wellbeing

Alzheimer’s Society and Thrive Mental Wellbeing have joined forces to support colleague mental wellbeing in the workplace. A Deloitte study – released in March 2022 – found that mental health had a £53-56 million cost to UK employers between 2021-2022.

Thrive Mental Wellbeing is accessed through an app featuring a wide range of clinically validated and evidence-based sessions including daily check ins, cognitive behavioural therapy courses and journaling, chat and messaging functions for instant support and access to unlimited, proactive and ongoing one-to-one therapy sessions as required by the user.

Founded by two NHS clinicians the app provides mental health support and digital therapy all in one place at the touch of a button. It is unique as it is built around the prevention, early detection and management of mental health conditions, and includes a Triage Therapist reaching out to those who may need help.

A Thrive partnership with an international high street bank delivered 1,000 therapy sessions via Thrive Mental Wellbeing in 12 months, saving an estimated £1.43 million in sick days and staff turnover, with 36 per cent of employees using the app.

Bev Sheppard, Wellbeing Lead, Alzheimer’s Society said of the partnership: “We are so excited for the launch of Thrive, which is an incredible addition to our holistic wellbeing offer. It will offer support alongside our BUPA Employee Assistance Programme, cash health plan, wellbeing support through our Recognition and Reward Society plus, and our wellbeing working group, where we continue to review and strengthen all aspects of our wellbeing offer.

“This mental wellbeing app not only provides support for all our employees, but also offers (non HR) related support for our managers too, who may find themselves supporting someone who is struggling with their mental health; giving them the option to signpost colleagues to use the daily check in within the app, which will guide them to resources which will help support their mental wellbeing.”

Consultant Psychiatrist and Co-founder of Thrive Mental Wellbeing Andres Fonseca said: “We’re delighted that Alzheimer’s Society has chosen Thrive to enhance their wellbeing provisions for their teams and we’re delighted that they’ve chosen Thrive to do so. It is vital for colleagues to feel confident that their information will be completely confidential and that they will have support for as long as needed. That is one of the primary goals of our services. The remote nature and easy access to our support will benefit employees across the organisation. We’re delighted to see such commitment and thought leadership from their team and are very much looking forward to working together.”

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