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Amey to launch ‘Technology Hub’ in partnership with MRI Software

Amey has partnered with MRI Software, a global leader in real estate software solutions, to launch a “first of its kind” integrated building management technology platform, which it says will “revolutionise” the way its public sector clients manage their workplaces.

Technology Hub, as it will be known by Amey, has the MRI Evolution CAFM system sitting at its heart. This means planned and reactive maintenance and assets project management feed into complementary MRI products, including MRI Energy Management and OnLocation Footfall Analytics, to digitalise all aspects of estate management.

The open and connected system, which integrates multiple building management platforms, provides an intuitive user experience when logging and booking maintenance tasks and enables Amey customers to better manage energy consumption, spend, and building operations using footfall insights. By using this innovative technology, Amey customers can control desk occupancy, air quality and room temperature which will deliver a healthier environment and workspace to building occupiers.

The integration of the systems is what makes the tool so unique and enables it to produce insights and proposals that will help inform decision making to drive efficiency, reduce cost and environmental impact.

Some of the outputs include five-year lifecycle forecasts using drone and lidar scanning data. IoT (Internet of Things) sensors add to the wider picture to give accurate feedback on building usage, which when integrated by the Technology Hub give deeper insight and the ability to access building data at the touch of a button, undertake audits and view virtual walk-throughs of all properties across the estate.

Phil Brown, Chief Digital & Information Officer at Amey, commented: “Technology is an essential part of modern life and helps us stay connected, capture important data, and gives us systems that allow us to get the job done. Part of Amey’s transformation into a digital-first organisation is supporting our clients on their own journeys. We’re working in collaboration with our supply chain to develop digital solutions, processes and capabilities which will deliver tangible benefits to how our clients manage and optimise their estates.”

James Massey, Managing Director, FM, Energy and Retail Solutions at MRI Software added: “We’re happy to be working with this key client to enable their digital transformation strategy and in turn support their customers. Our aim is to continue pushing the FM industry forward by automating processes and providing the insights organisations need to make the best decisions that will drive efficiencies and cost savings needed to enable a sustainable future.”

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