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Amey’s CRED programme delivers £67m in social value

Amey has delivered £67 million in social value through its Clean, Rehabilitative, Enabling and Decent (CRED) programme, which was developed in 2018 in collaboration with clients Ministry of Justice, HMPPS and prison Governors.

The CRED programme takes a proactive stance in supporting rehabilitation by engaging prisoners through meaningful work experiences and employment support. With 44 prisons currently running the operation, it successfully delivers 64,000 hours of quality purposeful activity each month, supporting and mentoring 374 prisoners on the programme.

Since its initiation the programme has also helped place seven full-time employment outcomes within Amey’s supply chain. The transformative programme not only fosters social value but also delivers significant added value by offsetting the cost of accommodation refurbishment with added quality assurance provided by trades ensuring a product of the highest standard.

Guy Grant, the CRED programme lead, said: “We remain committed to driving positive change, combining social responsibility with cost-effective solutions for our clients. The CRED programme exemplifies our dedication to creating a lasting impact on both the lives of the individuals within the criminal justice system and the broader community.

“Utilising the Thrive Social Value system we have delivered over £67 million (Feb 2024) in social value to our clients since the programme was launched, which is something we are really proud of and will continue to strive for as part of our partnership with the Ministry of Justice and HMPPS.”

The CRED programme goes beyond just providing roles for prisoners; it actively involves them by enhancing living conditions to meet the safe and decent standards set by HMPPS. This approach fosters a sense of pride among men and women, not only in their work but also in the overall appearance of the prison environment.

Amey provides health and safety training equivalent to that received by regular employees, as well as ensuring that the work placements align with prisoner’s existing skills, qualifications, and desired career paths upon release, which is accompanied by comprehensive CV mentoring support. The diverse nature of Amey’s business operations across a number of sectors enables the offering of a range of opportunities with the company and supply chain for individual’s post-release.

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FM businesses face unique challenges and heightened expectations of eco-initiatives from their clients. Yet, behind the scenes in FM businesses, many environmental initiatives, rollouts and even planning, are not broadcasted and transparent.

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