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Are you looking for a social distancing solution for your lifts?

Avire is excited to be launching a new product with the goal of helping buildings promote and support social distancing within their lifts. Avire is a leading manufacturer of solutions for emergency communication, displays and smart technology for lifts.

The Elevator Social Distancer (ESD) allows those managing public and high traffic buildings to spend less resource managing people flow through their lifts and instead ESD takes on this role, using AI to check the number of people entering the lift and then lets passengers know if there are too many people in the lift. The ESD can slow the function of the lift doors when over-occupied, delaying the departure of the lift and promoting correct usage.

“Avire is driven by the need to improve safety and monitoring capabilities around lifts. Whilst no one could have predicted the need for a social distancing product six months ago, we’ve quickly pivoted our expertise to develop and launch this product into the market.” Matt Davies, Market Insight and Innovation Manager at Avire.

Restrictions are likely to need active enforcement in buildings and a change of behaviour will be needed from lift users. The recently published CIBSE guidance ‘CIBSE COVID-19 LIFT USE AND OCCUPANCY’ uses the example of large lifts with a typical maximum occupancy of twenty people now restricted to only two passengers. Solutions such as signage will certainly help, but by slowing the operation of the lift and issuing an audible warning, the ESD actively reminds lift users of the need to social distance and aims to change behaviours, without the need to put extra staff in place which is costly and increases the risk of infection for staff.

To read more about how to keep your lifts safe read our article on the Avire Blog.



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