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Ashburton Triangle mixed-use development installs Advanced fire protection

A hat-trick of fire protection solutions from UK manufacturer, Advanced, is now installed at a sought-after, mixed-use development just metres from the Emirates Stadium, home to premiership football club, Arsenal.

Three 8-loop, one 4-loop and one 2-loop MxPro 5 fire panels, as well as a LifeLine paging system and a custom-built 16-way peripheral relay panel have all been installed at Ashburton Triangle in Islington, London. Located on the iconic site of the Emirates Stadium, the 12-floor complex developed by Newlon Housing Trust consists of 249 apartments and the Arsenal Museum.

The fault-tolerant network of eight panels is installed alongside approximately 3,500 Nittan devices and integrates with a host of third-party solutions, including the site’s intelligent escape signage, sprinkler system, lifts, door access and individual apartment and rooftop dampers.

The MxPro 5 fire system is also integrated with the LifeLine paging system, used by the onsite concierge team for staff alert purposes. For increased safety, Ashburton Triangle’s fire system has been set up to communicate with the Emirates Stadium’s fire system, signalling to the stadium when its alarm has been activated, and visa versa.

Responsible for the supply and commissioning of all equipment, on behalf of Newlon Housing Trust, were Somerset-based, Coomber Fire and Security Systems who have installed Advanced’s fire protection solutions for almost 20 years.

Adam Pitman, Senior Fire Systems Engineer at Coomber Fire and Security Systems, said: “Not only did this project require a solution compatible with specific Nittan devices, it also needed to support high-performing cause and effect programming, false alarm management and to facilitate staged evacuation. We selected Advanced as we knew it could easily deliver on the requirements for Ashburton Triangle, and nothing really comes close to its solutions in terms of flexibility and ease of installation.”

Ashburton Triangle employs Type B dependency false alarm management, with each flat defined as a zone. In cases where an alarm is triggered from within a flat, the unit’s sounder will pulse for four minutes during the verification period before going into full alarm. All information is relayed to the concierge office via a custom, site-wide graphics package.

To combat false and unwanted alarms, AlarmCalm, available as standard on MxPro 5 multiprotocol fire panels, delivers unprecedented control of verification and investigation delays. By dividing sites up into virtual false alarm ‘building areas’ independent of fire zones, much more precise control of false alarm management and reduction strategies can be achieved, that exactly fit the needs of each part of a building. An optional AlarmCalm button allows trained occupants to verify if they believe a local fire signal is a false alarm too – a highly effective way of eliminating unwanted alarms.

In a fire event, Coomber Fire and Security Systems has established four separate zones to support the building’s evacuation strategy, with call point override functionality that lets the fire brigade evacuate individual blocks as required.

Phil Calvey, Sales Manager for the South West and West Midlands at Advanced, said: “The flexibility of Advanced’s solutions provide a range of time and cost benefits to installers, particularly in scenarios where specific equipment is specified, or needs to be integrated with the fire system. Our MxPro 5 panels are designed to make life as easy as possible, delivering robust solutions that offer real peace of mind, all backed-up by our highly-rated technical support.”

Advanced, owned by FTSE 100 company Halma PLC, protects a wide range of prestigious and high-profile sites across the globe – from London’s Shard to Abu Dhabi International Airport and the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge.

Advanced is a world leader in the development and manufacture of fire protection solutions. Advanced’s reputation for performance, quality and ease of use see its products specified in locations around the world, from single-panel installations to large, multi-site networks. Advanced’s products include complete fire detection systems, multiprotocol fire panels, extinguishing control, fire paging, false alarm management and reduction systems as well as emergency lighting.

Halma is a global group of life-saving technology companies with a clear purpose to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day.

For more information visit www.advancedco.com


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