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Attention to retention

John Nugent, Chief Executive, Green & Fortune discusses promoting a career in the service sector and why attention to retention matters

The hospitality sector has faced significant challenges in recent years, with up to 200,000 people leaving the industry or migrating away from the UK.

Despite a diminished talent pool, Green & Fortune has persevered in attracting individuals who align with the company’s values and visions: “a vision to promote a dynamic and supportive service sector”.

Established in 2008, Green & Fortune has consistently focused on fostering an inclusive community that embraces diversity and values each individual’s unique traits. During this time demands from our workplace clients have changed, the needs and purpose of the venues we manage have shifted and there are new outlooks and expectations from our team who manage and fulfil these client contracts. The entire hospitality industry has had to adapt and re-acclimatise at speed as we can no longer rely on overseas workers and there are now far greater implications around zero-hour workers.

We’ve been very aware that our people bring the Green & Fortune brand to life and for more than 15 years have championed a unique culture where we encourage individuality, celebrate entrepreneurship, and embrace everyone’s voice and input. We’ve recently launched a paper for potential employees who may be considering a move and have outlined the values we put on an individuals’ voice and their learned experience.


Our culture is built on four key pillars: company growth and expansion, celebrating diversity, personal growth, and prioritising happiness for both guests and team members.

The company actively promotes from within and offers training and development programmes for employees at all levels, from graduates to leaders. These programmes provide employees with opportunities to grow within the company, whether in the kitchen or front-of-house roles in some of the capital’s landmark locations.


Today’s employees prioritise purpose, innovation, and security in their workplace. They seek a balance between entrepreneurship and the stability of an established organisation. We acknowledge the transformation of the hospitality sector, which now offers fast-paced, fun-filled environments with numerous career opportunities. In addition, employees value flexibility, work-life balance, and fair compensation. We’re also a beyond London living wage employer, offers paid breaks, and provides meals on duty. The company has also eliminated outdated shift patterns and accommodates employees’ needs for flexibility.


Green & Fortune Supports is an initiative that was launched to help employees during the pandemic and has since continued as a pillar for the company. It focuses on mental health, employee benefits, and overall wellbeing. A dedicated People Business Partner oversees this aspect of the business, ensuring that the company attracts, develops, and retains the best talent in the hospitality sector.


Because it’s important to foster a strong community of like-minded individuals passionate about providing great food and drink experiences, the company has a referral scheme that encourages current employees to recommend friends, peers, and family members for new positions, offering bonuses for successful referrals. The company’s numerous awards and leadership team’s presence in media and trade events also helps attract fresh talent.


Because we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability the company works with partners such as Urban Partners who create local jobs and contribute to the revitalisation of Kings Cross, as well as providing employees with volunteer opportunities. We also assist clients in achieving sustainability accreditations and measure the environmental impact of large-scale events through event:decision.


Green & Fortune Supports has also taken steps to help employees navigate the cost-of-living crisis by announcing additional payments of up to £600 per person (pro-rated where appropriate), totalling over £100,000 in November 2022 and February 2023. Hourly employees and those earning less than £30,000 will benefit the most from these payments.


Our dedication to promoting a career in the service sector is apparent through a progressive commitment to providing growth opportunities, celebrating diversity, and prioritising sustainability. By understanding and addressing employee needs, offering comprehensive support, and fostering a positive work environment, the company has successfully attracted and retained top talent in the hospitality industry.

We’ll continue to lead by example, demonstrating the potential of the service sector as a rewarding and fulfilling career choice. We will do so by promoting the sector at every level, from grass roots and collaborations with hospitality focused charities and universities and by continually hiring the best we can. We will maintain our eye on employee wellbeing and sustainable practices and set a standard for excellence within the hospitality sector, inspiring others to follow suit and inevitably redefine the future of the industry. In short, we want to help develop our employees, the wider hospitality and catering community and looking at the bigger picture, the environment too.

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