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Be on the right side – of Corporate Social Responsibility

The UK Government has set some pretty ambitious environmental targets for the country in the lead-up to COP-26 and at the Conference itself. Governments set targets and impose the regulatory framework, and the burden of implementation is cascaded down to business. This is no different – business will be expected to take actions to demonstrate their commitment to environmental challenges. This will not be discretionary – corporates will have to set specific targets for carbon emission reduction, environmental impact mitigation, and well-being improvements for their staff, customers and the public. They will have to set out their goals, identify the specific actions they plan to take, and then report on the outcomes against set targets. Corporates will be measured on the results which will in turn impact on investor appetite for stock.

Every corporate has a section in their Annual Report for Corporate Social Responsibility – including their environmental objectives and initiatives. It is here that commitments can be assessed based on ambition, intent and performance. The importance of this section has grown over the past decade from being a ‘nice-to-have’ to now being a key performance indicator.

Some initiatives will be big and require considerable investment to achieve the reductions required. However there are some actions that corporates can take that are easy to make, can be implemented immediately and will have an instant impact on environmental responsibility and well-being.

ECA technology allows cleaning and disinfectant solutions to be generated on-site at point-of-use, and can dispense with the production, containerisation, transport, storage and disposal of synthetic chemicals. In terms of objectives of reductions in so many polluting footprints, so many are met by swapping the use of synthetic chemicals, delivered monthly to site for ECA solutions. Proven to be highly effective at killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds and spores, as well as leaving surfaces clean and smear-free, ECA solutions are non-toxic, non-hazardous and hypoallergenic, posing no hazard to humans or the environment.

Generated from natural and naturally-sustainable inputs of water and salt, plus a very small electrical change, the activated solution has a virtually instantaneous contact time to kill microorganisms at up to Log 5 (99.999%) reduction at low concentrations, and then reverts back to slightly salty water.

Centrego has ECA systems to meet every size and configuration of facility. Installation is quick and easy, supported by comprehensive training for staff and users. Swapping traditional synthetic cleaning and disinfection chemicals for ECA solutions is such an easy decision for any corporate or public organisation to make. There is no downside and the implementation can be reported in the Annual Report to evidence one of the actions the organisation is taking in tackling negative environmental impacts. The clear message to staff, customers, shareholders, investors, the public – and soon to regulatory bodies – is that this organisation is serious about its environmental responsibilities and is committed to taking actions at every level.

Many corporates and organisations have already taken these actions and report on in their Annual Reports, demonstrating their environmental and wellbeing commitments. Of course swapping synthetic cleaning and disinfection chemicals for in-situ ECA solutions will not in itself stop climate change, but it is a contribution that impacts on multiple environmental issues. It is a decision that corporates and organisations can make now and take advantage of the benefits immediately.

Be on the Right Side. Make the Right Call.

Corporate Social Responsibility Environmental Targets

Objective: Improve the wellbeing of staff, customers and the public by helping make the environment a better and healthier place to live

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Reduction of water footprint
  • Reduction of plastic footprint
  • Reduction of harmful and toxic chemicals
  • Reduction of non-biodegradable waste
  • Reduction of water pollutants
  • Reduction of air pollutants

Part of Samsic UK’s CSR statement that they use renewable cleaning solutions (with Centrego products)

For more information visit https://centregoltd.com or email info@centregoltd.com


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