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Building a connection


Key to the success of any workplace is user experience and Rootes’ background in office concierge services means she understands why this front-of-house element is so important.

“There’s an understanding of what we need to do to offer a great user experience. It is not just about the bricks and mortar but fostering a sense of community and enlivenment, which means that the workplace is more than just a place you go to work.

“It’s about the feel of the building which will then trickle through to the individual occupiers, as the software in the app allows you to have that communication tool. In the past you might have those events but you had to painstakingly build up a mailing list that you’d include in a newsletter on a weekly basis which you hoped people would read.

“With the app, they have to use it to access the building and all the really good stuff that is happening in that community that is being built – so this enhances that concierge lifestyle.”

Adds Peterlechner: “Our CEO and Founder wanted something that worked as the toothbrush test – that it has to be used at least twice a day, and that has influenced a lot of our thinking. So sure, we provide technology, but it’s tech with a user in mind and a way of making the workplace experience simpler and more efficient.”

International Law Firm, HFW, the first tenant in the building moved into floors 7-9 in July and will soon be joined by a cross-section of firms including law, insurance and security. Says Grizzanti: “We’re seeing traditional firms taking floors on the lower levels, but as you go higher, the plates are smaller and the rent per sq foot is lower, we’re getting a lot more companies from the West End, as the City is very vibrant.”

During the tenant mobilisation process, Cureoscity will continue to work with the onsite team, working with them to offer data and insights on how the app is being used, how people are engaging with it from a content perspective and how to maintain interest so people are driven to it not just from the door access piece.

Rootes concludes: “It’s about getting people back into the spaces, and for us, working with the landlord, the managing agent and the FMs, our goal is ‘how do we make these spaces places where people want to be and get the most from these buildings.’”

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