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New all-in-one licence plate reader is the simple and accessible solution for automatic vehicle identification

People and vehicle access control specialist Nortech is now offering Nedap’s ANPR Lumo, an advanced licence plate camera for vehicle access control. The ANPR Lumo is an all-in-one licence plate camera, including embedded software, analyser and IR illuminator. With a ...

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New antimicrobial-protected access control devices kill 99.9 per cent of prevalent bacteria

Contamination of clean environments could soon become a thing of the past, as Remsdaq launches its EntroPad range of access control readers, keypads and request to exit buttons with antimicrobial protection built in. Third party testing to ISO 22196:2011 proves ...

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Pick the right locks

Jo Milne-Rowe, Chair of the Institute of Architectural Ironmongers, warns that the flexible working environments expected by today’s workers require smarter access control According to recent research by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), UK worker productivity has fallen to ...

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Quality control

Richard Jenkins, Chief Executive at the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), offers advice on finding the right suppliers to help manage access to your buildings Access control reduces risk and increases the safety of those working in or visiting a building. ...

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Let the right one in

Genetec’s Nick Smith argues that integrating access security into one unified system provides simpler and more effective facilities monitoring and management Businesses of all sizes spend considerable amounts of time, energy and capital to safeguard their facilities, to ensure they ...

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Norpass3 access control software provides high degree of security and personnel safety

People and vehicle access control specialist Nortech’s Norpass3 provides access control at all access points to gyms, fitness studios, health clubs and more to ensure that only authorised members and staff can enter the premises. Nortech recommends the use of ...

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